Week 1 – LOL is the best remedy!

It’s going to be another cold week here in Ottawa but the sunlight is sufficient to entice me to get out and try a new activity. Week one? Wait a minute, didn’t you already start this journey? You are absolutely correct, thus far I have attended a Karaoke Party Night, participated in a Valentine’s Day Whole Foods Meetup in Lansdowne, hosted a girls game night and so on. Regardless, since this is the first week that I am documenting my challenge, it only seemed fitting to consider it my week # one!

Now, what can I do in Ottawa? Many consider Ottawa boring and simply lacking culture. In comparison to other popular cities such as Montreal and Toronto it may appear so, however, you might be surprised to see how many things are available for you to do. If anything, being exposed and aware of all the events and opportunities in our city is where the challenge lies.

This is where I come in! By researching and gathering activities and projects of all kinds you will be able to get an idea of what you may do locally. If you are looking for activity ideas this will be a great place to look.

Week #1 Challenge (February 22nd to 28th): Go watch a comedy show on Friday Night.

We have multiple comedy clubs in the city, the most popular ones being Yuk Yuk’s and Absolute Comedy. A night filled with laughter and drinks, yes I am absolutely in.

Other potential activities I may get around to trying this week are:

Let’s see what I manage to accomplish!

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