Poppies are appearing all around us lately and reminding us that Remembrance Day is quickly approaching. November 11th, being on a weekend this year, gives us a perfect opportunity to show support, thank our veterans, remember the heroes who have passed and recognise the strength in love and peace.


Week # 99 – Attend the Edge of Peace Presentation at the Confederation Park



Edge of Peace


Is an outdoor multimedia presentation displayed on Luminous Spheres hosted by Veterans Affairs Canada. It reflects the story of First World War Soldiers, towards the end of the war, and a bereaved singer/song writer that communicates her pain through her new song: The Edge of Peace.



The presentation is held from November 4th-11th between 4:30/45PM and 10:30PM.



At the Confederation Park located at the corner of Elgin and Laurier.


On November 5th, I made my way to the park at dawn to view the presentation. Naturally, since it’s outdoors make sure to dress warmly. I mean it! Bring your warm coat, mittens, hats, blanket.. all your winter necessities.


If you arrive early, you can always stop at the Starbucks at the corner of Elgin and Laurier. They have their cute Holiday Cups already.



The Presentation


The presentation was really touching and. although heartbreaking, it makes you feel appreciation for the peace the end of the war brought forth. The sound effects and song really bring out all kinds of emotions, it’s very well done!



The presentation lasts 14 minutes and starts over every 3 to 4 minutes. It’s family friendly and also bilingual!


On site, you will find volunteers from Veterans Affairs Canada, they can give you background behind the meaning and production of this creative commemorative piece. They also have a limited quantity of handouts to give:



Speak Tree


If you are on site, make sure to text a meaningful message in honour of our veterans, of peace or love to:

(438) 800-0471



The text messages received, which are moderated, will be displayed on the Speak Tree sphere. Each message contributes to the growth of the branches on the Speak Tree.


Can’t attend in person? You can still help by sending a thoughtful text to show your support.


If you are lucky like me you will get interviewed for a Radio Show while there! In hindsight, I have no idea if my answers even tied in correctly with the questions but glad I was a good sport and agreed to participate anyway.


I encourage you to dedicate just a bit of your time to attending this presentation and/or any other Remembrance Day Event in the coming week!


“Lest We Forget”

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