If you live in Ottawa, you are in luck because we have some incredibly talented artists that can turn that tattoo dream of yours into reality. Come along with me as I get my second tattoo and if you are considering getting one yourself this article will guide you step by step.


Week #95 Challenge: Get a tattoo at Sorry Mum Tattoo Studio!


Selecting Your Tattoo Design


First thing first, you need to figure out what it is you want. In my opinion, the more you personalize your tattoo the more meaningful it becomes. It took a few years for me to establish if I wanted to proceed with a second tattoo and after hours of drawing and looking up designs online I finally found one I was SURE I wanted. The initial concept went from a Disney quote, to an arrow design and finally to this infinity sign:



Like any custom piece, you have the flexibility of tweaking it to represent what you are all about. Incorporate any word, symbol, date, colour that represents something to you. If you require help with your design, you can hire an artist to customize a tattoo just for you at Customtattoodesign.ca or you can run your ideas by your tattoo artist as they are the experts.


Selecting Your Tattoo Body Location


This is a personal call but you should ask yourself:


Do I want my tattoo to be visible or not? The way I thought about it, I want my tattoo to show in a bikini but never in the workplace.


Do I have other tattoos? If you have other tattoos it may play a part in determining where the others will go. Since my original tattoo is on my right side, I wanted this one on my left. Question of balancing things out!


Do I have a low or high pain tolerance? Going for a small and simple design may be ideal if you don’t tolerate pain very well. Adding colour, shading and filled designs can add to the discomfort as well. Some of the least sensitive areas are the shoulder, upper arm area and back.



Finding The Best Tattoo Artist



For the design I selected, I wanted someone with a light hand that excels at creating very thin lines. While at the spa one day,  talking tattoos with my aesthetician, she referred me to Oliver the shop owner of Sorry Mum Tattoo Studio. With a fun name like that, how could you not want to pick this shop?!


I contacted Oliver via messenger shortly after. It was so quick and easy, he provided an affordable price quote based on a picture of my design and booked my appointment that same night! Any questions you have, he will answer in a timely manner which I found so helpful.


Go check out Oliver’s Instagram @sorrymumtattoos , he is one incredibly talented Tattoo Artist! I highly recommend him.


Before getting your tattoo – You should:


Eat & Drink: Have a little bite, even if you feel nervous and keep yourself hydrated, no alcohol.


Bring someone along: grab your partner, friend or sibling. I was lucky to have a talented aspiring photographer friend tag along with me @alex.campbell.9085 for moral support and for beautiful shots.


Pick-up aftercare supplies: Ask your tattoo artist what you will need to ensure your tattoo heals properly. All you really need is unscented soap and an unscented lotion, I always use Weber Vitamin E lotion.


Bring your essentials: Things like your design, cash (don’t forget to tip), light snack, water and phone/tablet for pictures.



Avoid stimulants (ex: coffee and energy drinks) as well as blood thinning medications such as Advil, Motrin and Aspirin. I wouldn’t suggest a pain numbing cream either as it can apparently impact how the ink is absorbed, why take a chance?!


Getting My Second Tattoo


Sorry Mum Tattoo Studio


This has to be the nicest Tattoo Parlour I’ve ever seen and the bonus is that it’s located in the East End of Ottawa & offers Free Parking. It has plenty of lounging space, large screen TVs for your entertainment and is infused of essential oils. I thought it really well thought out since most people walking in are pretty nervous and the scent is very calming!



My experience with Oliver


All day, I kept questioning if I could handle getting a tattoo on my ribs. I had read articles stating that it’s one of the more painful locations but I was quite set on it anyway. I am telling you now, it’s only natural to fear the unknown. However, with an experienced tattoo artist like Oliver you have nothing to worry about!


Photography taken by @alex.campbell.9085


As soon a the needles started touching my skin, I knew I would be just fine. Oliver was really gentle and it was a little uncomfortable of course but easily tolerable. Feels like a sharp pen scratching your skin. The hardest thing for me was to breath normally, I would hold my breath a little out of fear of impacting the design due to it’s location on my ribs. If you can, avoid doing that ha ha..


Tattoo Aftercare


Remove bandages 24 hours following the tattoo, clean with unscented soap and begin applying the Vitamin E lotion 2 to 3 days post-tattoo.



Avoid sun and water exposure, that means no swimming or hot tub soaking for two weeks!

Limit any activity that will cause the tattooed area being rubbed or covered in sweat. I read that avoiding the gym for a few days is best.

Also, don’t forget to simply enjoy your new body art!


A special thank you to Oliver @Sorrymumtattoos for the amazing experience and to Alex @Alex.campbell.9085 for accepting to capture photographs!


Isabelle xo

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