Looking for quick and easy ways to save money? That’s great news, let’s do it! Just like you, I’ve seen how quickly money can flow in (yay!!) and out (boo!!) of a bank account. That’s why I created this article. I think we can all use a little extra income in our pockets, don’t you agree?!


Although I am no financial expert, I do think the tips and tricks I have used over the years have really helped me save up. Rest assured that these are fun little strategies that don’t take up too much time and can certainly help!


Week #94 Challenge: Adopt a new money saving strategy!



Quick and Easy Ways to Save Money


Saving Tip #1 – Use Discount Apps


If you are an online shopper, make sure to sign-up to Ebates.ca. Once logged in on Ebates, select the store you want to shop at to earn up to 20% cash back on the purchase you make during that visit. The cashback % changes frequently therefore it’s good to check back regularly. Your BIG FAT CHEQUE, or so they call it, will be mailed to you every few months. Easy money savings really!



Checkout 51

Similarly, did you know you can earn money on your groceries and household purchases simply by snapping a picture of your receipt? When you use the Checkout 51 app you earn cash back on select products each week. The one downside is that a lot of food items are processed foods but you can even earn money on fresh fruits and veggies.



Saving Tip #2 – Join a survey program



Ipsos Canada offers my favourite survey program with i-Say. When you sign-up (must be 18+ years of age), you will receive surveys by e-mail or mail. Each survey will earn you i-Say points towards rewards or gift cards. They also have a loyalty program therefore the more surveys you answer, the more benefits you earn.



Saving Tip #3 – Test try new products


This approach doesn’t earn you money but it does offer free products which in turn means you are saving $$$



BzzAgent is one of the programs I still personally use. By creating a profile and answering quick little surveys you will receive product campaign invitations that relate to you. If you accept the campaign, full-sized products will be sent  to your home at no cost.



What’s the catch? You have to try out the product(s) and complete the tasks related to this product within a certain timeframe. Such as leave a review, share the products on social media accounts and so on. The more tasks you complete, the higher your score. You want your score to be as high as possible as it increases your chances of participating in additional campaigns.



SampleSource.com is another of my favourites. Just sign-up  now and keep an eye out for an e-mail invitation in the Spring and Fall. The e-mail will request that you complete a survey and by the end you will be offered a set of samples that you qualified for. On average you get between 10 to 17 items.



Only order the samples you want as you will have to answer a survey a few weeks later about the samples you tried. SampleSource.com is not a big time commitment and, in my opinion, it’s exciting getting to try all kinds of new and trending products.


Saving Tip #4 – Purchase by credit card


First things first, you need a credit card that offers benefits of some kind whether it be cash back or points. Once you have one, make all your purchases using it including the dentist, cellphone bill, etc. The more expenses you make using your credit card, the more points or money you get back. A benefit that cash and debit cards don’t offer.



Important Consideration: If you have a tendency to overspend, I wouldn’t recommend this credit card strategy. It will only help you IF you can payoff your credit card in full at the end of the month.


Saving Tip #5 – Scanning for gift cards


Nielsen Homescan consists of a product scanning program that is a little time consuming but has great perks. Once you register with this program, you are placed on a waiting list from which participants are randomly selected.



If selected, what you have to do is:


  • Setup the Nielsen Scanner sent to you
  • Scan, after each purchase, all product bar codes and indicate the store, quantity and price of each
  • Answer surveys at your convenience


Back in 2015 when I joined, you could earn points towards all kinds of merchandise and gift cards. Plus, for each month you remained an active member you would receive a visa gift card worth $10 or $15 by mail. Aside from the financial gain, it does give you a direct influence on the products that will find their way into Canadian stores.


Saving Tip #6 – Track the deals


Staying on track of store promotions and sales is easy as pie these days. You have websites and apps that do all the work for you.



Smart Canucks is my go to site to see any current Canadian store deals and flyers. It’s updated continuously therefore you won’t miss out on all kinds of savings.



Flipp is great if you are looking for a specific product as it will show you all the sales related to that one item you are looking for. It’s an easy way to compare which store carries what you want at the lowest price. You can also create a grocery list and easily price match using that app.



Want to save extra money? This requires a bit more coordination but if all aligns correctly you can actually combine saving approaches for a product. For instance, I’ve been able to price match, then use a coupon for that item and then would scan my receipt on Checkout 51 as it was offering cash back on that same item. You can end up getting the item for free.


Saving Tip #7 – Clear & Sell


Do an inventory of things you own and sort all the unused or duplicate household items lying around, hardly used or new clothing or unopened gifts you plan on “re-gifting” and post them on Kijiji.ca or Facebook Marketplace? It really is a great place to not only get rid of unwanted items but it can earn you quite a bit of money. The premise by which « One person’s “junk” is someone else’s treasure » holds very true! As long as the item is in good condition, you would be shocked to see what you can sell.


It can take hours, like it can take months to sell but getting that extra income and de-cluttering your space feels pretty great!


Do you have any other money saving tips or tricks? 💰


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