Sometimes your standard home printer just won’t do. Entrusting a professional printing business with a small or large print order can be worth every penny as it can save time and achieve exceptional results. I’ve been dying to add a little special something on my basement wall, something fun and happy. I purchased three digital prints on Etsy that I loved and thought now what?! I didn’t really know where to start. Do I visit the Wal-Mart Photocentre? Staples? Specialised printing business?


Week #93 Challenge: Try a Professional Printing Service!



Since my digital prints weren’t all set a the size I wanted them printed, I didn’t really trust myself with the self-serve printing locations. I think in those instances it’s best to deal with a business that knows everything there is to know about printing and graphic design.

Ottawa Prints

Offers all kinds of printing services and even gave me the option of printing the 3 designs on canvas. It’s a much pricier option but can offer beautiful results. It just wasn’t the look I was going for unfortunately.

SURE Print and Graphics

I went with SURE Print & Graphics because they were able to offer a really quick and easy option. It didn’t hurt that they are located in Orleans, across from the St-Hubert. Who knew?!

For a list of all the services they offer, click here.


David was such a big help and ensured I achieve the look I wanted, my order was complete within 15 minutes. Since my frames were matted to these sizes:


1 x 11″ by 14″ matted frame
2 x 8″ by 10″ matted frame


SURE print and graphics suggested to print my designs on quality stock. One print would be 12″ by 18″ with cropmarks that you can cut at 11″ by 14″ and similarly the other two would be printed 8.5″ by 11″ with cropmarks at 8″ by 10″. Since all three prints were produced on 2 sheets of stock, I was only charged for 2 prints. The whole order came up to 10$ plus taxes.


Don’t be afraid to ask for their guidance, they are printing and graphic professionals after all.


I didn’t even have to cut out the prints, as they fit in the frames as is. They turned out perfectly in my opinion, I just love the result:



This may not be your style but imagine the possibilities, this is one quick little project that can really add to your home or office. Check out SURE print and graphics you need customized prints or business products!


Isabelle xo

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  • Claire

    Love the final look of the project. The price was definitely right. Very nice Isabelle.

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