Looking for a cool spot to spend the day near Ottawa/Gatineau? I’ve got you covered. This place is a perfect fit for young adults, teens and families. It has something for the skittish and thrill seekers alike, no matter your individual style you are bound to find some entertainment here.


Week #91 Challenge: Spend a day at Morrison’s Quarry!



This Quarry is really popular, I went on a Saturday and it was filled with people. In the summer months, the site is open from 9am to 6pm. If you prefer a less crowded atmosphere, your best bet would be to visit on a weekday.


Morrison’s Quarry is located right off the 105 highway in Wakefield, QC and has plenty of cool features:


🗺 Beautiful water sources and beaches

🗺 BBQ and wood stove

🗺 Nearby parking

🗺 Washrooms and showers





  • A vast water hole to swim – the water was a little cold but very refreshing
  • Scuba Diving Equipment and lessons are available in a separate section
  • RIPRIDE – Zip lining can be done from the cliff – starts at $34.95
  • Bungee Jumping from the highest peak in Canada also happens to be here – starts at 121.77$


So naturally, I had to jump!! Oh heck no… I am just kidding, falling and dangling upside down from a cliff is not my definition of a good time but observing this happen repeatedly was very enjoyable. On a side note, those who jumped seemed to love it! If it’s on your bucket list, this would be a perfect spot to try it. The coolest part is when one jumper managed to touch the water. The trick is to dive into the jump with confidence. It gave him more momentum and voilà he made contact with the water.


What you need



⛱ To access the beach/water area alone, it costs $10 a person (parking is included in that fee)

⛱ Pack plenty of water, snacks and food in a cooler

⛱ Beach blanket to lay on and beach towel to dry yourself

⛱ Your favourite floating devices

⛱ Essentials such as sunscreen, sunglasses, wallet, cellphone, etc.

⛱ A handful of friends, your partner or your family


That’s basically all you need to know to have a great time! Hope you enjoy an exciting or relaxing day upon your visit at Morrison’s Quarry!



Isabelle xo


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