Let’s get down to business guys and talk “tea”! I never realised how versatile tea can be until last week. It’s a staple to have it warm in the winter and then iced in the summer but then I tried this creamy slushy heavenly version and I can’t believe how much I’ve been missing out.


Week #89 Challenge: Grab a bubble tea at the Sérénithé Shop!


What is Bubble Tea?

It’s essentially a tea based beverage that originates from Taiwan. It can be milk based however the bubble tea at Sérénithé is actually dairy-free. The pearls or bubbles in the drink can be either “Popping Boba’s” which are little liquid balls (lol it’s actually the best way I can describe them) or can be made of tapioca. An awesome friend of mine suggested we visit this cute little tea shop in Aylmer that offers 24 tea flavors and 14 bubble flavours. You can view the menu here.

Selecting a flavour is tough, you can pair so many flavours. As displayed below, I opted for a medium size Blueberry Bubble Tea with Cherry Bubbles. It was amazing, so light and yet filling! Highly recommend it.


A little extra treat..

If you happen to visit the Aylmer area, you may as well cross the street to visit Cassis – Gelato et Sorbet Maison. They sell homemade gelato and sorbet which, to my pleasant surprise, can be purchased in a foam container that keeps your treat frozen for hours. Perfect considering how hot it was and that I had to travel 40 minutes or so to get home.



The flavours are really appetizing and could be purchased in individual sizes, 1/2 liter (approx. $11) or an entire liter (approx. $22).


The flavours from left to right are Peach, Watermelon, Lemon & Basil and last, but not least, Caramel.

Still not sure how I feel about the Lemon & Basil, it’s good but very tart. The other flavours are delicious, definitely worth a try!


Enjoy! xox

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