Sugar is one of those things that many of us can’t seem to get enough of. One bite and we are hooked, self-control just doesn’t come into play. The best strategy I find is to avoid the consumption of sugar altogether but not to worry my fellow sugar addicts not all sugar needs to be consumed orally.


Week #88 Challenge: Sugaring Hair Removal at Matnik Spa!


There is a good chance you’ve heard of sugaring, a practise dating back to ancient Egypt, that has become increasingly popular as an alternative to shaving and waxing.

Sugaring Benefits


🍯 Pulls the hair in the natural growth direction

🍯 Decreases pain and sensitivity

🍯 Made of all natural ingredients including sugar, water and lemon

🍯 Reduces the risk of breaking hair and can pull short hairs


I would consider myself pretty familiar with the hair removal world. Like most women, I’ve tried shaving, waxing, epilators and laser hair removal and finally going about trying the sugaring method.

Matnik Spa Therapy

A beautiful little spa located on Beechwood which offers all kinds of body treatments and aesthetic services, including Sugaring Hair Removal. Abby the aesthetician/owner was explaining that one of the most unique treatments they offer is the Bikini Line Treatment, could be interesting to try.

Sugaring Experience

You can treat any body area with sugaring, the price point is pretty reasonable. I would compare the sensation to that of waxing really, it’s a slight sting but nothing more. I tried a facial sugaring simply out of curiosity, it removes the fine “peach fuzz” on your face, in addition to dead skin and at a $35 price point plus taxes I figured, why not?!


Did it work?

Yes, it definitely did. My face was completely free of “fuzz” and, on the fifth day post-treatment my skin looked wonderful. However, if you have sensitive skin like me you will likely react quite severely the first few days after the treatment. Some of my symptoms included: redness, swelling, breakouts, dry skin and sensitivity. Let’s just say I took Advil, applied ice and washed my face repeatedly for two days. Basically, at first my skin looked terrible but it was very temporary. Keep in mind, this was my experience but most skin types may not react like this at all.


Suggestion: If it’s your first treatment, I would recommend you book your appointment on a weekend or when you have time off as a precaution. Not mid-week like I did!


It’s a really effective method to remove hair and was a really cool experience, regardless of my skin’s reaction. I would love to hear about your sugaring experience in the comments below 😀


Isabelle xo

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