Do you have dreams? hopes? aspirations? Yup, I know you do! If you aren’t certain of what they are, I highly suggest you have an honest conversation with yourself to determine what it is you want to accomplish while you are on this earth. From the larger than life goals to the least significant projects and activities, it can relate to:


✈ Traveling

❤ Interpersonal relationships

🌹Working on your inner self

🌡 Improving your health

🗂 Organizing your life

💵 Earning/saving money

🎗Contributing to a special cause…


Whatever it is, the first step is to figure out what makes YOU happy!

Already did that? Wonderful, the next step is to visualize. Apparently visualizing is a very effective approach to attracting what you want into your life. I was encouraged to do just that this week and here is how you can go about it too:


Week #87 Challenge: Create your personal Vision Board!


It’s pretty simple… find quotes, key words, images and little items that represent what your specific desires are. The idea is to pin all these items on a board as a daily reminder of those on-going achievements. More importantly, this board is meant to trigger feelings of hope, excitement and joy relating to what you want and, ultimately, what is coming to you.


There is science that supports this approach but I am not going to pretend that I know the ins and out of it. If anything, I feel like appreciating something before you even get to see, touch and feel it is, in itself, powerful because it elevates your mood and overall demeanor. In other words, it helps you to remain an eternal optimist, even though life’s path isn’t always crystal clear. It ties in with the law of attraction, when you feel optimistic and happy good things are bound to come your way!


Not saying negative emotions should be altogether ignored but the attention you give the positive aspects of any situation, the better you feel!



As a starting point:

1 – Find a board to pin your items on – any size you feel appropriate

2 – Search for quotes you find inspiring – print or write them by hand

3 – Grab that old stack of magazines you never look at and cut out words and images you find compelling (Maybe your dad has a large pile of National Geographic magazines you could use, just saying)

4 – If you have little items that are easy to pin, why not add them to your board

5 – Be as creative as you want and make sure to look up additional ideas online


Organizing your board


Being the woman that I am, I made sure to stick to a certain colour tone when selecting the content for the board. It’s not a must by any means but if you are going to be looking at this board on a daily basis it better look damn good, right?! Take your time putting together your board.. make sure you LOVE it. It’s not necessary to strive for perfection (I have to keep reminding myself of that), and once you feel like it’s complete it is time to simply admire it. Not just now, but also tomorrow and the day after and then the day after that and so on..



Keep going back to your board and don’t be afraid to take small gradual steps that can assist in leading you to those goals. With time you will manage to achieve these things and see how far you’ve come. The awesome thing with vision boards is that they aren’t static.. they can be modified and adapted to whatever you want to focus on at any given point. Heck, you can even start an entirely new board once the one you created no longer reflects your current wants and needs.


Off to making my dreams come true… hope you follow suit!


Isabelle xo

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