Don’t you find summer passes you by so quickly?! As the days turn to weeks, every month is over before you know it. Most of us, I suspect, are out and about because with this weather it’s hard to just stay inside and vegetate. We have far too many winter months to accomplish that task! 😏


As you accept BBQ invitations, plan beach days, attend festivals and take on home and garden projects, it leaves very little time to accomplish much else. I am definitely guilty of that and I haven’t been as dedicated to taking on a “new challenge” each week and that’s ok with me. No point in pressuring yourself in taking on too much right?!


While walking along the river path I’ve been following during my lunch break for years now it dawned on me that, in a few weeks, I will no longer be here. As a result of a career transition, this path won’t be accessible to me anymore.


Week #86 Challenge: Look at something in a new light!



It’s a subtle, out of the box, kind of challenge. It’s just taking something you may take for granted on a regular basis and pay closer attention to it. It’s appreciating what it is and exploring it on a deeper level.


So this time, I took a different path. Instead of keeping to the ground, I decided to cross the water barefoot. It’s a shallow water zone and I am pretty certain it’s not even permitted but I just went for it anyway. If it’s not hurting anyone, what’s the harm right?! Not to mention that the water was, oh you know, a tad bit questionable?! Still, I didn’t make a fuss of it. Sometimes you just have to try it anyway! 🐟 🦆



It’s nothing spectacular but it can really turn your day around and help you appreciate something in an entirely different way! It was actually a little liberating. So keep your eyes peeled to see what you could discover even today..


Isabelle xo

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  • 1⃣Johnny ジョニー

    Congratulations Isabel, on your next steps in your career,

    It’s been fun reading your blog, in part because of the way you present the content and in part because of your positive attitude and the way that you enjoy doing so.

    My enjoyment also comes from the way that you encourage your readers and that mothering of your flock reaches through the screen so positively.

    Kind Regards,

    p.s. I’ve often wanted to ask you if you could share with me, the technical details of the apps that you use to produce your blog because I want to return, after a long absence myself, to posting again about the things that I love.
    voice and text

    • Isabelle

      Hi Johnny,

      Thank you so much for the kind words! I am thrilled to hear you find the content interesting 🙂

      In terms of the website theme and plugins used, I share the key ones on my article called: “Shiny Upgrade – Easy way to create a blog!”:

      Hopefully that helps, feel free to share your blog link too! I would love to see it.



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