Last Christmas, I received all the necessary tools to make polymer clay earrings. Oddly enough, it was only this Saturday morning that I woke up and decided today is the day. Let’s do this thing..


Polymer Clay happens to be a modelling clay (a harder version of play-doh) that you bake and use to build lots of fun little projects. I found a video months ago on YouTube and figured I should try to recreate a design.


Week #85 Challenge: Build polymer clay star earrings!



What you will need:


💎 Any colour polymer clay –  Sculpey Rose Gold Glitter

💎 Black polymer clay – Sculpey Black 

💎 Earring Hooks – Silver Plated

💎 Earring Loops – Silver Plated

💎 Sculpey Glaze Gloss

💎 Fine Tip Paint Brush

💎 Small pliers

💎 Star Clay Mold – (Optional)



You can design anything you want using polymer clay. Star earrings are a perfect beginners project because they are quick and simple. I followed the YouTube video along the way and I recommend you do too:


Making an itty bitty little mouth is what became most time consuming because it’s hard to manipulate such a tiny piece of clay. I was really happy with how they looked and inserting the little earring hardware was easy, I suggest screwing it in rather than trying to push it straight in.

I think 30 minutes of baking would have sufficed but I ended up leaving the earrings in at 275 degrees for 50 minutes.

Next, I had to attach the earring hooks to the loops. I used the pliers to open and close them securely.

Lastly, I applied a thin coat of Polymer gloss to the clay to make them look shiny and finished.

They aren’t perfect but I still love how these little guys turned out.

Want a pair? I made an extra two that I would be happy to give away. Contact me if you are interested!


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