So much mystery lies in a cave.. the cool air, clear water, dark atmosphere and labyrinth like corridors are beautiful but can also evoque an uneasy feeling. Ok fine that creepy feeling may be a result of watching too many murder mysteries.. but I digress.

Maybe you are one of those brave souls willing to visit a cave during the dead of night but, if you are anything like me, a casual daytime visit is more up your alley.


Week #84 Challenge: Visit the Lusk Cave Trail!



The cool thing about Luskville is that you have two attractions in one, you can visit the Lusk Falls and/or the Lusk Caves. Both are completely free of charge, all you need is to drive yourself, your friends, family or anyone you cherish out there.


The Lusk Cave is about an hour from Ottawa, the address is:

 Trail 54, Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham, QC J0X 2W0

The Luskville Falls are a bit closer say, 45 minutes away:

Luskville Falls Trail, Luskville, QC J0X 2G0


Here are Lusk Cave Trail Guidelines and the Luskville Falls Trail Guidelines.


What to bring?

🍃A backpack

🍃Snack and plenty of water

🍃Swimsuit & towel

🍃Comfortable shoes


🍃Don’t forget the bug spray, otherwise you will get EATEN alive!

The Hike

It took about an hour, maybe more, of hiking to reach the caves and I won’t lie we questioned the path we followed the entire time. The signs on that trek weren’t very clear and it was dodgy in spots but it was a great adventure.

We reached a point where the Lusk Cave signs were visible and followed a staircase to reach them..


It was so hot and the mosquitoes and flies were being relentless, to the point where all you could hear were steps, chit chat and constant tapping as we tried to protect our bodies from these little bugs.


The Caves


To get into the cave you will need to walk in cold water.. after dipping my toes a few times I decided it wasn’t quite warm enough! We did see a couple coming out and didn’t seem particularly excited about the cave either so the hike back begun!



The Beach 🏖


We took a walking path to return to the car. As soon as I spotted a lake, I went in because I love them 😍 It was so refreshing and made the remainder of the walk much more relaxing!



Really thought is was a fun day trip, I highly recommend you go check it out!


Isabelle xo


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