Ottawa festivals are always a recipe for fun.. with the weather taking a turn for the best it’s a perfect time to explore all the special events happening across the city. Personally, I love glow in the dark things!! Why? I am not too sure but it certainly makes things more interesting. So naturally, combining a festival and glow in the dark activities is nothing short from a brilliant idea.


Week #83 Challenge: Visit the Ottawa GlowFair Festival!



I’ve been keeping an eye on this festival and made sure to mark my calendar to finally make a point of attending this year. It takes place from Thursday June 14th at 7pm to Saturday June 16th at 2am! Soooo excited!


What can you expect?

Some of the main attractions at the GlowFair include:

The Block Party – which is your destination for the DJ Stage, Local Art Section, Glowing Enchanted Forest, swing area and much more.

Glow Yoga – Nigel Walker is hosting a glow yoga session – June 15th.

Get your ticket Here!

Silent Disco – Experience the talent of 3 live DJs while using quality headphones.

Get you ticket Here!

Not to mention you can watch live music, go roller skating, visit beautiful art pieces and much more.



Access to the GlowFair Festival is FREE of charge! Fees are applicable for certain events such as the Glow Yoga, Silent Disco, roller skate rental, as well as for food, beverages and merchandise.


Downtown Ottawa on Bank Street.


What to bring?


💚 Light and comfortable shoes & clothing

💙 Money/credit cards for purchases

💜 Water bottle

🧡 Any glow in the dark accessories you own

💛 Umbrella (in case of rain)


Is it worth a visit?

GlowFair was a pretty fun event but I will admit that after an hour or so, I was ready to go. Now, while there I found some things pretty cool..


Artists painting murals


Aerial performers


A fun Glowing Enchanted Forest 🌳


And my personal favourite, a Squish Candy Kiosk 😍


All in all, I would recommend arriving later, around 9pm, at this event if you plan on watching the DJ performances and to capture everything in the dark. I left before then but think the nightlife is really what makes this event special!

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