Ok guys let’s talk about sweat!  We all do it and it’s not always pleasant is it? I think most of us would agree that there is something incredibly attractive about someone who smells really good. So whether I am off to work, going out for an evening or heading to the gym it’s become critical to smell divine, no wait heavenly or maybe even delicious?! Bahaha.. you get the point! Perfume, soaps and creams can help but the latest product I started using has blown them all out of the water!


SoOO… what’s the secret?

Routine Cream Deodorants. It’s only been a few weeks since I started using them and I feel like a million dollars when I wear this brand. I wouldn’t be writing about a deodorant line if it wasn’t out of this world either, just saying..


SUPERSTART – Routine Deodorant


I can’t stress enough how important it is for your body to let out toxins and natural deodorants allow for that, unlike your typical aluminium based antiperspirants. Over the last 2 years I’ve used a fair share of natural deodorants, most work initially but seem less and less effective as time goes by. Then one night everything changed…


Week #79: Start using Routine Deodorant and never look back!

Full-disclosure: the sample sizes I tested were complimentary but I purchased the full-size bottles!



My sister wouldn’t stop talking about her new SUPERSTAR Routine deodorant and convinced me to try it out before going out! I was intrigued but didn’t think I would want to invest in yet another natural deodorant ( I already have 4 on the go). Plus, this one is kind of pricey but I gave it a chance and this is why I was sold on it:


  • The scent was nice in the jar but once on your skin it’s just wow!!
  • It’s strong enough to last until the next morning
  • The texture is very creamy and easy to rub into your skin
  • Each jar will last about 6 months


I was obsessed within an hour of wearing it and I ended up ordering my own jar the very next day and then another shortly after!


About Routine Cream Deodorants


Routine products are made in Calgary, Alberta with all natural ingredients and are meant to compliment everyone. The founders, Neige and Pippa, happen to be young sisters who wanted to come up with a stylish, clean and effective deodorant line and that’s exactly what they did! In terms of selection, they offer deodorants:


For Her


For Him


For Sensitive Skin – With reduced amount or free of baking Soda


Vegan – Free of beeswax



Maggie’s Citrus Farm – Routine Deodorant

Which one is best for you?


Here are a few I tested out first hand which I hope can help you figure out which product you would love most! Keep in mind that my list does not include All Routine deodorants, I only tried a few. At the top of the list are my favourite picks:


SUPERSTAR –  Reduced Baking Soda ⭐


This name suits this deodorant perfectly because it is AMAZING! The scent is actually so unique, on my skin it smells sweet and vanilla-like, not exactly floral but definitely has an earthy tone to it. It contains activated charcoal, magnesium and prebiotics.


For more details on the scent and ingredients, click here.


Blackberry Betty – No Baking Soda

This one is definitely feminine and sweet. I though it might be too sweet but I really loved the scent on my skin. You will keep getting little hints of that sugary blackberry all day which is nice and comforting.


For more details on the scent and ingredients, click here.


Sexy Sadie – Vegan (No beeswax)

I didn’t think I would love this one because I dislike Patchoulie A LOT but surprisingly enough it was so subtle that I didn’t even notice it! It quickly earned the top 3 spot because it’s a really great option.


For more details on the scent and ingredients, click here.


Maggie’s Citrus Farm – with beeswax🍋

It’s mainly a zesty lemon scent, very fresh and fruity. If you prefer subtle scents you will love this. It contains baking soda which can cause mild reactions to sensitive skins but I have had zero problem. I use this one for work mainly.


For more details on the scent and ingredients, click here.


The Curator and Like a Boss

Both of these have more neutral and clean scents suitable for men and women. Like a boss is the strongest formula while The curator is designed for the most sensitive skin. They both worked very well and although they weren’t my favourite fragrance, I would definitely consider buying these.


For more details on “The Curator” scent and ingredients, click here.

For more details on the “Like a Boss” scent and ingredients, click here.


Sweet Jane – with baking soda🍐

I wanted to love this scent since it smells of pears and vanilla but sadly it just ended up smelling really different on my skin! I’ve read positive reviews therefore it may depend on your body’s natural odour (similarly to perfume)! It just wasn’t right for me, deodorant shopping is apparently a lot like dating lol


For more details on the scent and ingredients, click here.


Not sure which fragrance you want? You can order $2 samples for many fragrance at Pure Anada Cosmetics.


How to apply a Natural Deodorant?



Transitioning to a natural deodorant can seem intimidating but it’s actually easy as pie (in fact, it’s much easier than making pie):


Step 1: Pick a quiet weekend or vacation week to start

Step 2: In the morning, wash your underarms before application

Step 3: Grab about 1/2 jelly bean (jelly belly size) worth of product and apply it to one under arm

Step 4: Repeat step 3 on the other side

Step 5*: Re-apply later in the day, if necessary, washing yourself prior to doing so


*This step is applicable mainly after an intense workout or if your body is adjusting to deodorants after using antiperspirants.


Where to buy Routine Deodorants?



You can order your Routine Deodorant on:

  • Kardish
  • Market Organics
  • Terra20
  • Rainbow Foods
  • Metro Foods
  • Rexall


Trust me, you have to give this product a chance! It’s been my best kept secret lately and will quickly become yours too. Once you try a Routine deodorant you will wonder how you ever survived without it!


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