Week 78 – Blossom into a Goddess!

I think it’s only natural for a woman to want to feel beautiful and even, dare I say it, sexy! Each one of us exudes a certain aura that is completely our own and can be simply irresistible to the right people. We may not feel like knockouts while brushing our teeth, with a loose hair bun in our onesie pyjama but, not to worry, there are places and techniques that can encourage you to explore that seductive side. Oh I know you have one, so follow me…


Week #78: Take a Pole Teaser Class at the Cherry Blossom Studio! 🍒 

Please note: This class was complimentary, thank you so much Andrea!


What is the Cherry Blossom Aerial Dance Studio?


It’s an Ottawa based dance studio that specialises in pole dancing, aerial dance and fitness classes. They offer plenty of courses and workshops and also cater to Bachelorette parties.


For beginner’s the Burlesque and Pole Teaser classes are a great starting point which is why the girls and I decided to try the Pole Teaser.


To find out on which dates and times the classes are offered, visit the schedule HERE!


Studio Location


Currently, there is only one Ottawa location – 427 St-Laurent, Ottawa – ON


Cherry Blossom Boutique


The Cherry Blossom Studio and online boutique carries clothing, heels, poles and accessories! All really useful for practising and performing should this become one of your hobbies. I found this particular pair of clear heels so nice!


What do you need?


When attending a class you should bring:

  • Form fitting clothes
  • A pair of indoor heels or you can be barefoot
  • A water bottle
  • A positive attitude

Pole Teaser Class


As you would expect it’s a dance class that revolves around the use of a pole he he.. Throughout the 45 minute session we learned a few basic spins and moves which formed a short choreography. Our instructor Kristen was excellent at explaining every technique and although I found the pace a little quick, we did get to repeat the moves multiple times which was really fun. So fun in fact that it felt like the class was over way too soon!


Our wonderful instructor Kristen! Love the pineapple socks…


At the end, we practiced our little choreography to Pony by Ginuwine best known as the “Magic Mike” song. Loved every second of it, I really want to go back as it really elevated my mood and the girls I met there were all super friendly!


Me and my friend, a few girls couldn’t make it!


If you are willing to practice and share those tantalizing moves with a special someone, by all means you should. The truth is Cherry Blossom dance classes are all about making you feel more confident, strong and fit! Now that’s sexy 🔥


Isabelle xo


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