Week 77 – Spring cleaning with Clean Conscience!

With Earth Month upon us why not start cleaning and decluttering your life?!


While the weather isn’t cooperating and we are cooped up inside you can go on a reorganizing rampage and just get any and ALL that dirt out, out, out. As I am sure you’ve noticed, there are tons of cleaning products out there and sorting through the best and worst options can feel like a daunting task. Being creatures of habit, maybe you don’t even think twice and always grab the same items.


Yet, have you ever questioned the ingredients in those products?


Months ago, I started looking into ways of introducing more healthy and environmentally-friendly products that are Canadian Made and scented. GreenWorks has been my go to for a while but I knew I could do better, which is how I discovered this awesome company.



Week #77 Challenge – Clean up the house using the Clean Conscience Starter Kit


Full-disclosure: I received a discount to purchase the starter kit and the good news is that you can currently get a 20% discount on your purchase using code: “greencleanchallenge” until April 30th, 2018.




I am all for reducing harmful chemicals and applaud those willing to clean using mainly vinegar and water. However, if you enjoy clean and relaxing scents you are in luck because Clean Conscience products are:


  • Made with Natural Renewable Resources and Fair Trade ingredients
  • Produced in Alberta, Canada
  • Deliciously scented with pure essential oils


What’s not to love?!


Clean Conscience


They offer an exhaustive line of products including:



Starter Kit Products


Natural Glass and Multi-Surface Cleaner – Lavender and Rosemary



I’ve used this one everywhere! Seriously, it became my go to product in the last months. It can be used on the majority of surfaces, the scent is great and I just love how this product is so versatile. When cleaning out my closet it helped refresh the room and made it look super tidy. It’s ideal for use for lighter cleaning jobs.



Rosewood and Sweet Orange Laundry Detergent



For use in an HE laundry machine, I suggest turning the powdered detergent into liquid form using water. Clear instructions are provided and it worked just as well as my normal detergent. The scent left on your clothes is very light which may particularly interest those with intolerances to strong odours.



Natural Deodorizing Cleanser – Clove and Lavender



This deodorizer is great for:

  • scrubbing surfaces
  • refreshing areas with bad odours
  • removing stains


I tried this on my carpet wherever my beloved cat decided to grace me with fur balls. I just mixed the powder with water, as directed on the package, to form a paste, used a little brush to apply it to the carpet stain and it worked it’s magic. No stain, clean odour.. it’s like it never happened. Simply vacuum once it’s dry and you are good to go!

Sprinkled a bit of this at the bottom of my kitchen garbage, before adding new bags, since it prevents bad smells.



Natural Stainless Steel Cleaner – Sweet Orange and Lime



I have to say this product smells amazing and worked just as well, if not better, than the stainless steel cleaners I own. The ones I have on hand are far from being natural as a matter of fact they smell pretty toxic. You will be pleasantly surprised with this product, it’s really worth looking into, I mean look how shiny and clean my refrigerator looks.



Natural Dish Soap – Lemongrass and sweet basil



Considering that we use our dishes to eat, you will likely feel better knowing you are cleaning them with a product that is safe for both yourself and the environment. This dish soap is highly concentrated which requires you to use very small quantities at a time. It also works very well with removing grease (ex: coconut oil or butter), something my previous natural dish soap was far from great at.



Natural All-Purpose Disinfectant – Orange and Cinnamon



Due to it’s antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, I found this product particularly useful for washrooms. I use it on my counters, bath, shower, sinks and toilets and it worked very well. The scent reminds me of Christmas a little bit, it’s nice!



Natural Heavy Duty Degreaser – Sweet Orange and Lemon



Last but not least, I was really intrigued with this degreaser. When I use bath bombs or body scrubs it tends to form this ring of oil around the bath and it came off so easily using this product. I also pour a little bit of this product in a warm bucket of water to hand clean my hardwood floors. It made the house smell super clean and citrus-y 🍊


Where can I purchase these products?


You can purchase them online and you receive FREE shipping for any order over $50.


For a first time buyer, the Clean Conscience Starter Kit is a great buy as it contains full-size products to help with all your household cleaning needs.

Make sure to use promotion code “greencleanchallenge” for 20% off until April 30th, 2018.


My top 3 picks:

1- Natural Heavy Duty Degreaser – Sweet Orange and Lemon

2- Natural All-Purpose Disinfectant – Orange and Cinnamon

3- Natural Deodorizing Cleanser – Clove and Lavender


You can’t go wrong with any Clean Conscience products, they are all really useful and effective. Narrowing done to my top 3 picks was really difficult because I really ♥ the dish soap and stainless steel cleaner as well. This is an amazing company that is worth making your new go-to cleaning brand!


Happy Cleaning xo



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