Week 76 – What’s a pancake without pure Maple syrup?!

Remember watching morning cartoons as a child? Thinking back to any breakfast scene it seems that they always involved a massive stack of warm pancakes. So fresh and delicious looking and, as you would expect, they are covered with a Canadian Kitchen staple we refer to as Maple syrup. In Ottawa, we are so very lucky because we have the privilege of accessing the freshest Maple Syrup possible.


Two years ago now, I visited Proulx Maple Farm on Week #8 to learn about the Maple Syrup making process and to spend quality time with my sister and nephew! If you want to take that Maple Syrup experience up a notch, you should look into La Cabane à Sucre – Au Pied De Cochon. It’s about 2 hours away and that was a dinning experience any foodie would have loved! They offer multiple courses and beverages all infused in one way or another with Maple Syrup. The facility is rustic and cozy and, not so shockingly, the desserts were by far my favourite part.


This year I took a more traditional path by convincing my family to…


Week # 76 Challenge: Eat brunch at Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm!


I heard about this place a few years ago because my colleague’s son and daughter worked at Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm as chefs. They would have access to as many pancakes a their heart desires.. and I thought that was pretty awesome perk!



Stanley’s Sugarbush

Opens yearly from February to April!

Access to the Sugarbush is FREE and once there you can do any of the following:


  • Sugar shack tours
  • Eat at the Pancake House (at a cost)
  • Sleigh Rides (at a cost)
  • Taffy on the snow (at a cost)
  • Have a beavertail (at a cost)
  • Petting Farm and children’s play area
  • Gift and Maple Shoppe 🍁


Pancakes 🥞


It’s a buffet style restaurant, which means you pay for your admission and eat as much as you want or can. They offer pancakes, French toast, waffles, potatoes, breakfast meats, eggs, coffee, juice, etc.



As you can see you can eat plenty and yes everything was really good!


We visited on the last day of the season and were lucky enough to receive a FREE Taffy on the snow sponsored by Costco! Since many of the attractions aren’t indoors, make sure to dress appropriately when you visit as it can be cold and muddy.




Located in Edwards, ON it’s about a 30 min. drive from Orleans. Directions can be found HERE.

It’s a really nice spot for a family outing because it’s casual, cozy and child-friendly! Plus any opportunity to spend more time with my favourite little nephew is always a good thing..



Totally a spot worth visit during next year’s Maple Season!

Isabelle xo


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  • Claire

    What good choices on the menu. It would be lots of fun earlier in the season with more snow on the ground. Nice way to celebrate our Canadian Maple Syrup tradition. Thanks for the info Iz. Looks like a fun outing.

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