Some things in life come down to luck and timing, there is no doubt about it, but there are ways you can increase your odds for success. It’s important to recognise that each and every one of us have struggles and insecurities, nobodies life is easy nor perfect even though it may appear that way from where we stand.


Some people accept the status quo and wouldn’t recognise an opportunity to learn or improve even if it hit them in the face. I don’t know about you but I couldn’t live that way and for that I am thankful. After all, repeating the same mistakes perpetually sounds pretty lame and I truly believe you are better than that, don’t you?! It just takes recognising the fact that you are capable of shining bright and being the best person you can be if you are willing to invest in your inner self.


Your physical appearance is irrelevant when it comes to being a beautiful and kind person. Taking care of your body is great for your self-esteem and overall health, as I’ve often stated, but what counts most is what can be found under the surface! Do you recognise who you are? Do you love what you see? Do you respect yourself and others? 


Start Here:

Think about what is currently bothering you, things you are not completely satisfied with and/or identify what you can improve on. It can be anything: the way you manage stress, unresolved issues, ongoing tension, lack of patience, too much patience, negative thoughts, your overall life’s direction, etc. Find what specifically affects you and keep those “problem areas” in your line of vision.


How is focusing on your issues a good thing? For one, it means you are able to be honest with yourself (ignorance isn’t bliss) and ,secondly, recognising it allows you to work on it. High five to that 🙌🏼


Let’s be real here, this type of self-work is… well umm… ya ok it sucks! It’s far from being all rainbows and sunshine, takes A LOT of strength and will never be at the top of your priority list unless you make it. Right now, is the best time to dig deep and consider if your past or fears are guiding you in some ways and to allow you to act in your best interest rather than inflicting some type of self-sabotage. Understanding how you work and taking steps to overcome your inner struggles can only lead to an increases in your life satisfaction and equips you with the tools necessary to overcome whatever life throws at you!


As a woman who practices what she preaches I’ve been dedicating a lot, I mean A LOT, of energy to better understand how I work recently and can definitely recognise an area where I fall short. As you gain strength and clarity, it’s ok to take breaks, and allow yourself to focus on external things too. What better way to do so than to volunteer?!


Week # 75 Challenge: Volunteer at the 6th Annual Ottawa Casino Royale at the Brookstreet Hotel



The Ottawa Casino Royale is a special fundraising event held yearly in Ottawa at the beautiful Brookstreet Hotel. It’s a night of fun and excitement in a Casino-like setting meant to entertain and offer guests all kinds of perks including:


🎲 Opportunities to win prizes

🎲 Access to traditional casino games

🎲 Various auctions

🎲 Free drink vouchers and gift bags

🎲 Mix and mingle with special guests

🎲 Fun after-party with guest DJ Brody Jenner


The best part is that the funds gained are towards the:

Ottawa Senators Foundation


Supporting a great cause or helping others doesn’t always have to be with your wallet. There is something particularly precious about offering your time and skills towards helping out others or supporting an important cause.


I mainly helped with admission all evening and was stunned by how luxurious the facility looked and how well dressed the guests were. The Sens players made a special appearance at one point, which was nice. It was a great experience and, although I didn’t feel I really fit in that world, I appreciated getting a glimpse of what these type of events are all about.


What was the best part? Based on my experience, it’s always meeting other volunteers. They are just wonderful people and made everything really pleasant and funny.


Hopefully you will consider attending or volunteering at next year’s Casino Royale, who knows I may even see you there!


Isabelle xo


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