Buying my first home a few years ago was exciting but I would be lying if I didn’t say I was also nervous! I had never EVER lived alone and it’s clear that a house comes with plenty of responsibilities not only financially but also in terms of maintenance and care. It almost feels like adopting a huge expensive pet. I had to learn so many things like how to patch a wall, mow the lawn, paint entire rooms, routinely replace furnace filters, change alarm batteries..


What can I say? I was inexperienced and to a certain extent I still feel I am.


Whether you’ve bought your beautiful home alone or made that leap with someone else you should be really proud of this achievement. To make this whole home owning experience a bit more pleasant, this week’s challenge is something worth exploring next year.


Week #74 Challenge: Attend the Ottawa Home & Garden Show at the EY Centre.

Full-disclosure: I was granted free admissions in order to attend.



If there is one event Ottawa home owners and gardeners don’t want to miss it’s the Ottawa Home and Garden Show.  It’s the best place to be if you want to be exposed to businesses which offer local services and products that cater to improving your house and yard.


About the show


Each year, the Ottawa Home & Garden Show presents new exhibitors and special guests! At the 2018 show held March 22nd to the 25th you could find:


🌺 Beautiful Living Landscapes by Landscape Ontario

🌺 Over 300 local businesses

🌺 Various on-stage Presentations

🌺 On-site and online contests and promotions


Tickets can be purchased on-site but I would recommend buying them online as you can often get an automatic discount.



There is so much to see and although the place can be filled, navigating through the isles is pretty seamless! There was a good mix of home renovation businesses, landscapers, home builders and all kinds of miscellaneous products. Beer was even available for those of you who wouldn’t mind adding a little alcohol to your experience.


Here are a few businesses that particularly caught my eye during my visit:


Maisons Bonneville – Pre-fabricated Homes


Launched their newest Micro-Loft during this year’s show. As you walk-through the loft, it’s noticeable how compact but very functional it is. They had the coolest LED Touch Button mirror in the washroom, kind of like this one.



Original Unheated Raw Honey


Now I realise that Honey isn’t what you expect at a Home and Garden Event but nonetheless there it was. I got to sample both the:


🍯 Unheated Raw Honey: a more traditional honey taste with a slightly granular texture

🍯 Unheated Cold-pressed Raw Honey: has a very creamy texture with a milder taste


I loved the Cold-Pressed version most but my Dad gravitated towards the Raw Honey. Either way, you can feel great knowing this honey is in it’s most natural form and is locally-sourced (the farm is located in the Ottawa Valley Region).



H2zen Pools and Spas


This I found very cool. Having an in-ground spa is something I always considered risky until I discovered H2zen. Instead of burying the hot tub motor and electrical underground, with H2zen spas, everything is connected and located a few meters away above ground. This way, maintenance and repairs won’t require you to dig underground.


Spas are something I’ve spent months researching prior to purchasing my own this summer and truly wish I had discovered this business at the time due to these impressive features:


💧Unique spa and pool designs that offer customizable options

💧Versatility and easy maintenance of their products

💧High quality and energy efficiency for all their products & services


If you would like to invest in a spa or pool of your own in Ottawa or Gatineau, I highly suggest you have a look at the H2zen pools and spas.



Capital Decks


No backyard is complete without a deck! Most homes come with a tiny little standard deck which leaves the backyard looking quite bare. The Capital Decks kiosk really caught my eye for the fact that the wood structure and project portfolio looked fantastic but also appeared very solid. Two elements that are critical when hiring a business to design and build a deck or wood shed.




Made Good


With Easter coming up and the fact that I have an adorable 2 and a half year old Nephew who loves treats, I couldn’t help but stop at this Made Good Station. Made Good had an incredible deal on their products. For $20 you could take home 6 products. Their line includes:




All these products are Nut-Free, Certified Gluten-Free, Organic, Vegan and Non-GMO. The best part is that they sneaked in vegetable extracts and you could never tell by the taste.


Forget about Chocolate this Easter, why not offer these awesome treats to the sweetest little ones in your life! You can find out where they are sold right HERE!


This is but a glimpse of what you can find at the Ottawa Home & Garden Show when you visit! Oh and don’t forget you get to sample plenty of things as well. Make sure not to miss next year’s show by saving the date:


Ottawa Home and Garden Show – March 21st to 24th, 2019


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  • Claire

    Thank you for the tour of the Ottawa Garden and Home show 2018. Everything looks so good and it’s so nice to see the latest technology in home improvements, whether you are in the market or not.

    • Isabelle

      So glad you found it interesting! There really was something for everyone which I thought was nice 😉

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