Truth or Dare games have been around since uh… I have no clue, let me look into it. According to Wikipedia they’ve existed for centuries, the earliest form documented being in 1712 and was referred to as “questions and commands”. It’s likely you’ve had the occasion to play a version of this game at one point in your life.


As we grow up, games like these seem to disappear. It’s unfortunate, in a way, because it’s a great way to learn more about other people and even about yourself. You don’t need a game to reveal private experiences or to take on an outside the box challenge (ideally a tasteful one lol) but resorting to a game can be the right setting to open up and experience things you would never typically “dare” to do.


Week #73’s Almost Challenge: Try a Dare Night at the Shenkman Theatre!



What’s a Dare Night?


It’s a super simple and fun premise. You are basically in a room full of strangers, young and old, and are given the opportunity to watch and participate in various dares. Audience participation is encouraged but I believe you can get away with simply laughing and watching what others are faced with.


It sounded like a great activity but then… it was cancelled!


Disappointed? Yes! Hopeless? Not so much.


Under such little notice, I was limited in terms of what I can do. Swimming with sharks isn’t really something we can try here in Ottawa but surely there was something slightly daring I could find. I had a plan B which also didn’t work out and in the meantime I, evidently, parked somewhere I shouldn’t have because I received my first parking ticket.. so I called that a week for me.


To end a very unlucky week on a more positive note, I have a…


Giveaway for you- Winner announced below 😉

Enter to win:

2 tickets for the Ottawa Home & Garden Show

Presented by Re/max



Hosted at the EY Centre from March 22nd to 25th, 2018!


With over 300 exhibitors and partners present you are sure to find products and services that will suite your home.


For a chance to win, simply let me know by entering “I want in” in the comments below or do so on my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter posts.


Congratulations to Jinbon for winning the prize!


*Open to Ottawa Residents Only!


A big thank you to the Ottawa Home and Garden Show for sponsoring this giveaway!


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