Seeking teeth whitening options in Ottawa? After all, so many factors contribute to staining our teeth: our morning coffee or tea, late night glass of wine not to mention a variety of foods. Even factors out of our control, such as the thickness of our tooth enamel which tends to thin out as we age; resulting in a darker tooth colour.


what can you do about it?


With a quick google search you find plenty of recommendations. As someone with sensitive teeth, I didn’t think a home concoction would be a cautious choice. So I looked up teeth whitening specialists in Ottawa.



Week #70 Challenge: Try Laser Tooth Whitening at Ottawa Teeth Whitening


Perhaps you are hesitant or nervous about possible tooth damage and sensitivity. If hydrated properly your teeth will feel no sensitivity or pain, and that is what the Ottawa Teeth Whitening clinic specialises in.



Why Ottawa Teeth Whitening?


What attracted me to this business is that:


  • Their service is quick, affordable and safe
  • The whitening results are based on research, see their resources page
  • They have great reviews and ratings


Located in Orleans, see map and free parking is available.



Which treatment to get?

The Ottawa Teeth Whitening Clinic offers 3 packages from bronze to gold. I went with the Silver Package as it seemed like a good option for a first time treatment if you just want to brighten your smile.



Silver Package – $125


2 x 20 minute laser treatment sessions

(For best results, they should be completed back to back on the day of your appointment)


The process is simple: they apply the gel to your teeth, vitamin E lotion to protect your lips, insert a mouth piece to expose your teeth and set the laser light in front of your teeth for 20 minutes. It sounds long but it goes by pretty quickly and have music in the background to relax you.



I had the pleasure to meet Andrea who was so welcoming and easy to talk to. She really made the experience enjoyable and positive. My teeth went down a few shades and I was pretty happy with the result. As for the pain, there was none at all which is phenomenal.







Following your treatment, you should:


  • Wait an hour prior to eating.
  • Avoid eating or drinking colourful foods that could stain your teeth for the next 24 to 48 hours.
  • Maintain a good oral hygiene.
  • Enjoy your smile!


How to inquire about an appointment?

Simply visit their Contact Page or fill out the Online Booking Form and you will be that much closer to a white smile!


A sincere thank you to Milfred for helping me decide on which package to choose and for granting me a discount in support of this blog! 



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