Paint Nite has been a very popular phenomenon for years now! The combination of:




A good time with plenty of laughs.


When it comes to art, it’s clear that opinions, preferences and interpretations can widely differ. That’s kind of the beauty behind it, not one painting is perfect and there is something you can appreciate in each one. Even if you haven’t picked up a paint brush in years, why not try to see where it takes you…


Week #69 Challenge: Paint your heart out at Ottawa’s Paint Nite!


Original painting we had to reproduce.

Not a painter?

Dear god, neither am I! The great thing about Paint Nite is that you can be a total novice and create a beautiful painting since the host is there to guide you through each step. On the opposite spectrum, if you are an avid painter you can elevate the complexity by altering the colours and design to fit your style.


Artist’s Pick

If you are the one planning the event or attending solo, you are lucky because you get to select which painting you want to reproduce and on which date. If you find a design you really like, don’t wait to sign-up as the themes frequently change.


My friend was super kind and agreed to try the cutest little painting I picked. With a title like “Polar Bear Love”, how can you not 💕 this!


Purchasing your tickets

Paint Nite tickets are typically $45 a person plus taxes. The good news is that discount codes are available when you sign-up to their newsletter here or you can also visit Groupon. I believe it came up to about $30 a person, which is great!


Paint Nite Tips

  • Arrive Early – Start time is always 7pm, if possible, arrive at least 15 minutes ahead to grab seats
  • Dress casually – Remember there is a possibility you can get paint on your clothing
  • Drinks and food – Both are available for purchase. If driving make sure to monitor your consumption
  • Have fun – Don’t worry too much about the outcome, just enjoy the experience


Overall Experience

This particular paint night was held at The Royal Oak on Bank street, parking is always tricky in the area especially in the winter. I typically look for a quiet side street.


Each seat had a blank canvas, 3 paint brushes, 1 water glass and the necessary paint colours.


It was pretty simple, the artist hosting the event introduces himself, explains the process and also presents the equipment at your disposal. For instance, as part of his instructions he said he would be referring to the large paint brush as “Papa brush”, the medium brush as “Mama brush” and, naturally, the little brush is called “Fred” lol


“I will admit, that first brush stroke was stressing me out!”


You just need to go for it and try to get a sense for the amount of dampness, paint quantity and brush pressure you need to apply. It got easier as the steps progressed.. The pace was just right in my opinion, at times we were a bit behind but always somehow caught up.



Missed a step? No worries, it’s an open dialogue the entire time. You just have to ask the host to repeat the instructions.


We were two focused little ladies the whole time and, still, that did not take away from the entertainment. What can I say, we were surrounded by pretty hilarious people!


How did they turn out? See for yourself:



Really happy with the results and, quite honestly, I didn’t think I had it in me to paint anything like this! My friend on the other hand is a natural, her painting is simply beautiful. Happy I tried this and learnt painting techniques I didn’t know existed. Undecided as to whether it’s worthy to hang or not, we will see 🙈



Hope you will give it a try to discover what type of artist lies within you!


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  • A friend of Bebe and Nola.

    Love your blogs. Seeing one every week in my in box is one of the highlights of my day. Boring life? 😟….maybe but I really do love reading your blogs! 😊

  • A friend of Bebe and Nola

    Btw your painting looks exactly like the original one. Great job….you have so many talents 😊

    • Isabelle

      Lol aww you are so nice! Glad you enjoy reading them and you should join me sometime 😉

  • Claire

    What a nice way to explore your artistic side. You both did very well by the way. It looks like a fun also. From there you can decide if you want to pursue art….. I like your advice at the end.

    • Isabelle

      It’s so true! These experiences can definitely help discover hidden talents 😀 Aww thank you, we definitely put in effort!

  • Amanda

    Your painting is really adorable, Is! I might just have to try this myself sometime!

    • Isabelle

      He he.. thanks Amanda! I bet you would do so well, it’s really fun too 🙂

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