Week 68 – What’s brewing at The Cauldron Kitchen?!

Have you heard of Ottawa’s Cauldron Kitchen?


Nope, it’s not a restaurant and it’s not a bar or a café for that matter but rather a very unique kitchen concept. The Cauldron Kitchen Inc. happens to be a community kitchen that serves two purposes:


1st Purpose – Kitchen Rental Space


The Kitchen is divided into 4 spaces that can be rented. It’s perfect for small businesses who are just starting off to increase productivity without having to invest in a Professional Grade Kitchen of their own.



The kitchen offers affordable rental rates!


2nd Purpose – Food School


It’s a great place to offer or take a variety of cooking and baking classes.


I’ve been keeping an eye out for interesting cooking classes in Ottawa for a while but find them very expensive and, often times, just not exactly what I am looking for. That is, until I discovered The Cauldron Kitchen.


Week #68 Challenge: Attend a cooking class at the Cauldron Kitchen!



David, the owner, invited me to attend the Cauldron Kitchen’s Christmas Market to meet the talented businesses that use the facility and who offer classes there. On that occasion, I was exposed to many impressive local businesses that perhaps you’ve never heard of:



Ottawa Businesses at the Cauldron Kitchen



Owner of NutriDirect, Rida, checking the internal meat temperature! 🥩



A website that offers healthy Vegan Protein Meals that can be adjusted to your macro needs. Catering is also available. Owner is Chelsea, a holistic nutritionist! I must say that her Gluten-Free Chocolate Protein Cupcakes are delicious.



Top Notch Catering

Michael and his wife offer catering for small and large events and have a wide ranging menu! They also make fresh products for you to purchase and take home including BBQ sauce, Pasta Sauce and even sausages!



Savoury Pursuits Fine Foods

I have the opportunity to chat with Paul and Bonny on two occasions about their products and how they participate in Ottawa’s Farmers Market! They sell all kinds of savoury and sweet treats such as pies, breads, cakes, quiches, stews, etc.




I bought two mini pies: one was a gluten-free pecan pie and the other was the delicious vegetarian minced meat pie filled with apples, raisins, cinnamon… all good things! I had the pecan pie that night and the crust was heavenly.





WhiteWalker Catering

Matthew and Aaron had their first public debut at this Market! They were successful in the Cauldron’s Abecedarian Program and are continuesly concocting new twists on recipes. They had a variety of homemade sausages available and I got to try their Jalapeño and St-Albert Curd Mac and Cheese! It was so good and not too spicy either.



Resa, the owner of Capital Fare Café, was selling her Caribbean inspired specialty foods. She won the 2015 Ottawa Embassy Chef Challenge. You can visit her Café to try her Chef Grade meals. As showcased in last week’s Valentine’s Day Fine Dining article, she offers fantastic take-out and catering options. On the day of the Marker, I purchased her Signature Cranberry Sorrel Compote and I am saving it for a special occasion, it had no onion or garlic woohoo!!


Chi Garden

Specialises in fermented foods including Kimchi, Kraut, Tofu and mushroom oil! They are located at the JustFood Farm and the owner was so kind and knowledgeable. It’s really worth looking into these!



Delivers healthy individual meal portions right to your door. One of my favourite aspects about NutriDirect is that it allows you to select your preferred source of:


  • protein (ex: poultry, boeuf, lentils, tofu, salmon, etc.)
  • vegetables (broccoli, carrots, peppers, mixed, etc.)
  • carbs (sweet potato, potato, quinoa pasta, rice, etc.)


Rida, the owner, founded this business two years ago. With her background in Nutrition she manages to offer anyone, on the go, nutritious and convenient meal options.



Cauldron’s Food School


Now let’s get into the cooking classes offered at The Cauldron Kitchen. You can select courses in four categories:


1- Kitchen Skill Classes

2- Pastry Skill Classes

3- Canning Workshop

4- Vegan Cooking


To be directed to the class schedule, select here.


Prices range between $70 and $80 depending on which class package you choose!


After meeting Chelsea, the owner of Vegica.ca, I knew I wanted to learn more about her vegan cuisine!

A big thank you to David for letting me participate in a cooking class at no charge!



Vegica Cooking Class


Duration: 3 hours from 6pm-9pm



Whether you abide by a Vegan diet or not, I think there is something alluring about exploring a purely plant and grain based diet. Many researches seem to support the fact that plant-based recipes are incredibly beneficial to your health. Chelsea was the one hosting the class:


It was quite useful as it teaches you:

  • Various vegan substitutions & nutrition knowledge;
  • Hands-on cooking skills;
  • New vegan recipes to add to your inventory.



In this particular class we made Vegan Banana Bread and Vegan Burrito Bowls (see below) and everyone got to take some home. This way you get to savour the creations you participated in making.




Not into Vegan cuisine? That’s ok, classes focus on a variety of topics including:


Knive Skills 101

Cooking for Optimal Nutrition

Artisan Chocolate-Dates


Taking a cooking class at The Cauldron Kitchen, is a fantastic way to learn new skills that can serve you on a daily basis, which makes this a great investment. Not to mention, it breaks up your routine and gets you out of the house 🍴🥘🥗


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      Thank you David, you have a business to be incredibly proud of! I look forward to attending upcoming markets at The Cauldron Kitchen 🙂

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