Week 66 – Affordable Handmade Jewelry for him and her!

As you know, accessories and jewelry play a big part in defining our style and, luckily for us, Ottawa and Gatineau are home to some very talented jewelry artists. Finding signature pieces that fit your personality is not always so simple nor affordable. Rather than looking at larger jewelry retail stores, why not explore the creations of a local artist instead?


With Valentine’s Day in mind, I thought focusing on local Jewelry would be appropriate. You can offer these pieces as a thoughtful gift for the lady or man in your life or can incorporate them in your Valentine’s Day outfit.


Week #66 Challenge: Discover Chloé Lafond’s Jewelry Collection – Handcrafted in Ottawa/Gatineau


Full-disclosure: I was granted a discount on the pieces I ordered.


Chloé’s Jewelry Collection



Chloé Lafond is the founder and creator of: ChloeLafond.com an online jewelry shop that sells handcrafted pieces made in Ottawa/Gatineau.


Her jewelry line includes necklaces and bracelets for both men and women, that are appropriate for every day use. It’s all about style and versatility here. Some pieces are simpler and others are slightly more edgy!


Just Arrived: Chloé just launched her Earring Collection on her website. Go get a sneak preview!


Chloé’s Inspiration


When asked about the inspiration behind her women’s jewelry, Chloé explained that it stems from the ladies in her life. Although she identifies more to the conservative pieces, she creates a selection that appeals to the working mom, fashionista, and so on.


Her line of Men’s jewelry is more recent and looks awesome, if I may say so! It definitely gives off a masculine vibe and would look so good paired with a suit or even with a casual outfit; for instance jeans with a solid coloured t-shirt, just saying!!


Pricing and Ordering


The price point for Chloé’s jewelry is very reasonable staying at around $10 to $30 per piece. In terms of placing an order, the shipping fee is fixed at $8.34 for all orders across Canada ($12.35 for international orders). If your order reaches over $100 (Canadian orders) or $150 (International orders), shipping is then Free.


Jewelry Haul


To appeal to different styles, I ordered three necklaces to try on and experiment with. Loving all things feminine, you will see that all three items have this characteristic in common.


#1 – Choker Adaline en blanc (in white)


I really debated between the black and white. I thought the white would be best for daytime use and would add a delicate touch to an outfit!



#2 – Choker Ana

I love how some of the chokers designed by Chloé have a pendant component. It fits well with a top or dress with a low neckline. The Choker Ana is black and has a very simple beading detail at the end.

It’s a necklace you can customize! I captured the few simple steps I took to tie it:


Step 1

Wrap the necklace around your neck and pull the ends in front of you, each side should have the same length.

Step 2

Cross the necklace strings and wrap them around your neck until the ends reach the front again.

Step 3

Adjust the strings around your neck to your liking.

Step 4

With the two front strings, tie a bow as small or large as you like!

Isn’t this really cool?! I imagine there are other methods by which to tie these types of chokers too.


#3 – Choker Naomy

I love neutral jewelry for the simple fact that it’s more versatile! The final necklace I picked is the Naomy Choker which has a thin braided bronze coloured string and a cute medallion with the word: “Love”. It’s super dainty, I love it!


I really recommend you visit Chloé’s Jewelry website to see what pieces suit your personality! These jewelry pieces really complete an outfit and are sure to attract compliments, based on my experience wearing them. Happy shopping guys!


Isabelle xo


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