Week 65 – Snow tubing, a great winter workout!


The best predictor that you will be sticking to your workout is when you enjoy the physical activity you choose to do. If you don’t genuinely like or love what you are doing, it will eventually feel like a chore if not to say a burden. A few key motivators I’ve noticed work best are:


1- Changing it up: Don’t limit yourself to one type of workout. Try incorporating a variety of exercises. This way you don’t get bored of your same old routine and target a wider range of muscles – cardio, weights, cycling, yoga, dance, sports, walk, etc.


2- Setting a challenge: Most humans, to a certain degree, have a competitive nature. Try pushing yourself by setting reasonable goals. Say you can do 12 push-ups on one day, try reaching 15 the next time you try, then 18 and so on.


3- Involving others: It’s not always feasible but when possible try including friends, family and co-workers in your physical activities. Doing so can increase accountability and enhance your overall performance. A lot of my colleagues gather at set times, say twice a day, to complete short workouts (ex: walk up 14 stair flights, sit-ups, planks, squats, lunges).


4- Unconventional workouts: We often complain about not having time to workout and I totally feel your pain. Why not accomplish two things at once. For instance, turn socializing with your friends into a workout activity. Instead of meeting for coffee, go for a walk, go bowling, visit the batting cages, or perhaps complete this week’s challenge:



Week #55 Challenge: Host a Snow Tubing Day at Mount Pakenham.



If you’ve never been snow tubing, this is a must try. It’s incredibly entertaining, is suitable for children and adults and can definitely qualify as physical activity. After all, you have to walk up the hill with your tube.


About Mount Pakenham


This facility is located just 30 minutes, give or take, from Ottawa. There you can either spend the day skiing\snowboarding, snow tubing or snowshoeing.




Snow tubing is only $12 a person plus taxes. If you are part of a group of 10 or more, a 10% discount is applied off each ticket. It’s the most affordable location I’ve found.


Every Tuesday and Saturday are 2 for 1 skiing\snowboarding tickets between 4pm and 9pm! That could make a really fun and inexpensive date night.


Hours of operation


For snow tubing, hours of operation are every Saturday, Sunday and school Holidays between 11am and 5pm.


It’s all about having fun outside!



Once you’ve arrived at Mount Pakenham, it’s simple, you just wait in line for your pass and can proceed with your activity. The snow tubes are available at the bottom of the hill and off you go!


How are the slides? They are not particularly steep which makes them great for families. You could really reach a good speed heading down which was fun!


You can’t always predict the weather conditions and luckily for us the weather was mild which was fantastic!


Post Activity Treat – The Lodge


After spending time outside, it’s only natural that you want to sit down, relax and enjoy a little something. Inside The Lodge at Mount Pakenham you will find a Lounge and Bar, a Cafeteria, an Equipment Rental Shop and a Snow Boutique. Basically, they have you covered.



Enjoying a hot chocolate amongst friends next to a fireplace are the moments worth living for, right? I was offered two free hot chocolate treats in support of my blog and let my friends enjoy them.


Mount Pakenham is really a great place to visit, I would love to go back and highly recommend you try it out too!


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