To be honest this isn’t just a New Year resolution and it isn’t a concept you’ve never heard of either. What I will be proposing is more of a shift in the way you think. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our own world that we miss opportunities to engage or help those around us.


What I am suggesting is to take initiative and start paying attention to your surroundings. You can’t give back if you don’t seek opportunities to help.


Week #64 Challenge : Put a conscience effort to help!


I decided to visit Cadmans Montreal Bagels, a shop that recently opened near my work, with a fun little intention in mind.


Cadmans Montreal Bagels Shop Details



  • They specialise in montreal-style bagels that are classic, sweet and savoury. The Muslix bagels caught my eye, they looked delicious..
  • Offers a variety of locally made cream cheeses, bagel sandwiches, soups, salads and treats. See the Menu for details
  • Online orders, Catering and Deliveries are options
  • The bagels are made in store, no preservatives/no chemicals
  • There are 2 locations in Ottawa
  • Considered the best bagels in the city



The shop is surprisingly spacious and has parking available!


During my visit, I placed an order for an event next week and also picked up a bagel for myself. Most importantly, after corresponding with Ranjeev the owner and with Sam, my contact at the shop, I offered a small amount of money to cover the next client’s order anonymously. Nope, this isn’t a revolutionary concept but it’s the first time I put it into action. Nothing is stopping you from trying it too.



I ended up loving Cadmans blueberry bagel I picked up. I ate every last bite ☕️🍴


This challenge isn’t implying that we have to give monetarily nor that we purposely avoid helping others. Rather it’s meant to push you to consciously pay attention to what you can offer someone else. It’s simple but easily forgotten..


For instance, you are walking down the grocery isles… paying attention to your phone or grocery list. Looking at what you need to pick up for the week. You grab what you need and leave. Standard grocery trip, right?! What you may have missed, is that a senior person was struggling to grab an item. Noticing them and offering your help takes a second and can have a big impact. Not everyone will ask for help but you can always offer it. It seems obvious but we miss opportunities like this all the time because we simply don’t notice…


Here are a few ideas to start you off that aren’t monetary:


  • Hold the door for people as often as you can
  • Complete someone else’s chore, for instance shoveling your neighbours driveway?!
  • Someone dropped something, help them pick it up
  • Let someone pass before you in line
  • Enjoy a product or service? Take the time to write a review on the website. It’s appreciated by the business and potential buyers.
  • Show support to local talent by attending a performance
  • Smile.. or acknowledge someone on your walk
  • Pick up loitering, if safe to do so
  • Volunteer your time or talent


Every single little gesture counts at the end of the day. If you want more ideas and concepts on giving back and kindness, you should absolutely check out Maya’s blog: She is a wonderful inspiration! ❤️


How do you like to help others?


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  • Rachel May-Boland

    Great ideas Isabelle! I try to do little gestures of kindness at times such as a smile, open a door, help a mom with a baby…. It’s so rewarding and makes me feel good ! My resolution for 2018 is to do this more often and of course to take better care of my health! Thanks for your posts !

    • Isabelle

      That doesn’t surprise me one bit! You have such a big heart ❤️ Thanks for reading and hope you reach all your goals this year xo

  • Claire

    Love Cadman’s bagels also. Years ago they were called Kettleman’s Bagels and were located on Carling same location as Cadman’s and near Place d’ Orleans shopping mall. They kept the same recipe. They are the best for sure. Glad you discovered them. We bring a big batch home with us when we visit Ottawa.

    • Isabelle

      I had no idea you enjoyed these bagels so much! I absolutely understand why you pick some up while you are in town. They taste amazing! Which type do you like best? xo

      • Claire

        I like the Muesli and the cranberry and the plain with no sesame seeds.

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