Week 62 – Canadian Kitchen Essential!


We spend a lot of time in our kitchens because, let’s face it, we all have to eat! During the Holidays, it becomes a particularly busy spot since most of use have to host or cook something for one event or another. When cooking or baking, what really makes a difference are the tools you use to work with. I think investing in quality is essential and want to share with you a new Canadian kitchen tool company that I just discovered!


Week # 62 Challenge: Bake a recipe using my new Littledeer  Hard Maple kitchen tools!



Important note: Littledeer was very open to supporting my blog and sent me these tools, upon my request, free of charge.



What is Littledeer all about?


Littledeer has been designing handmade hard maple tools for over 25 years. These tools are of superior quality as they can withstand use better than other tools in it’s category. Many professionals opt for Littledeer, therefore you know you are getting the best for your kitchen. Each piece has a specific function and a really sleek looking design… I also love that they are made of Hard Maple, nothing artificial about these products!



What type of tools are available?


Littledeer handmakes various series of  hard maple tools such as:



One aspect I particularly like is that the cooking paddles come in either right-hand or left-hand format for extra comfort.


Prices vary depending on the tool and, although the price point may be higher then what you may be used to, it’s a worthwhile investment to make in your kitchen!



Where can I purchase Littledeer products?




You can place an order online directly through Littledeer by phone or e-mail or you can visit the Archer Hard Goods online store which offers free shipping in Canada and the US.


In Nearby Stores

J.D. Adam Kitchen Co. in Ottawa, ON

Les Fougères in Chelsey, QC


For the purpose of this article, I received The Pot Scoop to mix, beat, & fold and The Propeller to stir and scrape sides for cold and warm sauces. Once my Christmas recipes picked, I got to put both Littledeer tools to the test! I couldn’t wait..


Using The propeller to evenly cover cranberries with flour!
Using the Pot Scoop to stir the cake batter!


I am still impressed with how well Littledeer tools worked. I could see the difference with how the ingredients mixed, how comfortable the grips felt and how easy they were to clean. Wish I had discovered these tools a long time ago, they are amazing!


Ready for the oven…




My Cranberry Bundt Cake turned out perfectly in the end!


It’s all about focus when placing those candied cranberries! So serious I know..
A smile just to show I was having fun!


It’s a great feeling knowing you are getting the best with Littledeer and that you are also supporting a great Canadian business. I plan on adding to my collection of Littledeer kitchen tools, maybe you’ll want to start your own collection too!


Happy Holidays Everyone!!


Isabelle xo



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  • 1⃣Johnny ジョニー Mróz

    Merry Christmas,

    I enjoyed your Week #62 Challenge article where you created a lovely cake using Little Deer utensils. I can only imagine its deliciousness.

    And I lolled when I saw the hidden umbrella that seemingly sprouted from your fingertips and candied cranberry in your, ‘I had fun,’ finale photo 🙂 I like your style, it’s pretty mesmerizing…

    And I’m happy to have found your blog and let me write that it’s quite enjoyable and very encouraging to me to imitate your example in the coming year.

    May 2018 become your greatest year ever, Isabelle!

    Kind Regards,

    • Isabelle

      Thank you so much Johnny! I really appreciate that you took the time to comment and that you enjoyed the article. Using the Littledeer tools really helped me get back into the baking mode, I must say, and that cake was a hit thankfully!

      I wish you only the best with the New Year as well! Thank you again for the kind words, it means a lot! 🙂

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