Week 61 – Preparing for your first Craft Show!

Being a vendor at a Craft Show is lots of fun but also lots of work! What started out as a simple question “What can I do with all these new white socks?!” turned into a fleet of Decorative Sock Snowmen. The intention wasn’t to sell them, at least not initially, but when you start investing time and money into a hobby like this, selling these little creations can be worthwhile!


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Week # 61 Challenge: Be a vendor at the Deck the Halls Craft Show in Ottawa!


Finding Craft Ideas!


To become a vendor, you must obviously have something to sell! Visiting gift and décor stores and using search engines are great ways to find inspiration. Even when copying a concept, try to add your own spin to each creation to make it your own. I will admit that brainstorming and gathering all the items needed to make that vision a reality takes just about as long as it does to build the item. For instance, the below Wooden Tree idea came to me while shopping at Michael’s Craft Store. It caught my eye and figured I have the tools why don’t a make my own!


Michael’s Version – $60:


My Version – $25:




Selling your crafts!


Why attend a craft show? It seemed like a safer option to begin with to be honest. My first instinct was to create an Etsy Shop to display and sell my crafts since it’s quick and affordable. Unfortunately, as I started looking into shipping costs it often doubled if not tripled the item’s cost due to weight and size. It just didn’t seem reasonable to charge so much!


On to Plan B. A craft show is another great place to sell your unique items but it’s not always feasible for small scale artisans. One vendor table can cost up to hundreds of dollars. That’s why shopping around for the right Craft Sale is important, some vendor tables are much more affordable then others but may not bring in as many customers.


What to bring/prepare?


Your crafts – Bring an array of crafts, offering options is always appealing;

Extras – Have enough supplies to replenish your tables;

Bags, Tissue paper and Boxes – I planned on charging extra for these to break even (50c for Small/Medium; $1 for Large) or offer them free for purchases made over a certain price;

Signs and tags – Make sure to clearly advertise the business, items, prices and donations;

Table – Use props such as lights, tablecloths, plates, baskets and something fun like a ladder to display your creations;

Price – Consider the cost of the material used, the time dedicated and use your judgement to determine what’s fair. You can also base yourself on the price tag of similar items;

Promotional – If applicable, have your business cards handy and any items that promote your business;

Samples – Having little samples to offer customers is always a nice touch! Especially, when it’s edible;

Payment options – If you sell items over $20, ordering a Square Card Reader to process credit card payments can help with your sales. It’s free to get one but note that a small percentage of each transaction is automatically deducted (it’s under 3%) for using your reader.


To Do List – Eve of Craft Show


  • Bake or cook any items that need to be fresh! Package them as well;
  • Set up a temporary display and snap a picture to reproduce it on the day of;
  • Organize your crafts and supplies in secure bins for transportation (see below);
  • Gather a large float ($1, $2, $5 and $10) and a tin to store all cash;
  • Pack any chairs or tables in your car;
  • Get plenty of sleep.



Highlights of the Craft Show


🌲 Arriving an hour early was just enough time to carry supplies inside and set everything up.



🌲 Having a helper, who happens to be my mom, was super useful to ensure someone was always at the table. So lucky that my mom came, she isn’t into crafts one bit but offered to join me anyway.

🌲 Meeting vendors and local shoppers was awesome, everyone was very encouraging and kind.

🌲 I was rushed in the morning and didn’t grab any snacks, so basically didn’t eat during the day. I recommend you bring healthy food options because it was mainly fried foods on site.

🌲 Seeing colleagues, friends and family come out to support you is priceless. I was really touched that they took the time to visit and think it’s a good reminder, even to myself, to think of doing this type of gesture to encourage those who put so much time and effort in a business, art or hobby!


Overall, I was really satisfied with the outcome. I did sell out of Sock Snowman, Cookie Bags and Vegan Hot Chocolate Sets but still have some items left! I am going to advertise them on Letgo and see what happens. If you take on a similar endeavor next year, I wish you lots of success!


Lastly, if you have experience with Craft Shows feel free to share your tips in the comments below!


Isabelle xo


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