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If you ever wrap gifts 🎁 and think “This just doesn’t look right!” this article is for you! I always marvel at people who, like my father, are born with this innate ability to wrap each gift perfectly. If you are more like me and struggle at times; I will be sharing tips and tricks that will bring your wrapping game up a notch!


Although I couldn’t find a wrapping class in Ottawa (yes I actually looked this up), I managed to find the next best thing.


Week # 60 Challenge: Learn the basics of gift wrapping at The Papery boutique!




What is The Papery?


It’s a paper and gift boutique centrally located in the Glebe. You likely have noticed this shop with it’s unique and appealing front store display and now it’s my pleasure to give you a glimpse of what’s inside…


850 Bank Street, Ottawa

ON, K1S 3W1

Open 7 days a week – Store hours vary


The Papery Products/Services


  • Handmade Guest books, Photo Albums and Journals
  • Wrapping Essentials – wrapping paper, ribbons, gift bags, tissue paper
  • Cards for any occasion
  • Custom invitation orders
  • Gift Wrapping services
  • All kinds of gifts and unique items


Don’t have time to visit the store in person? You can visit their online boutique right here!




Rare Japanese Stationary called Midori



Informal Gift Wrapping Class


Sean, an expert gift wrapper at the The Papery was kind enough to share the do’s and dont’s of gift wrapping.



Tissue paper


The key to tissue paper is: folding. Don’t be afraid to fold the paper to the exact dimensions of your box for a clean look! Sean placed a ribbon first, then folded one tissue paper sheet to fit the box vertically, followed by folding a second tissue paper to fit the box horizontally!



To help elevate the ornament, Sean used foam and cut and folded cardstock to fit the box. You can use any filler you like..


Now, fold the tissue paper flaps over the gift and tie the ribbon!


Gift Wrapping


Onto gift wrapping! First, cut the wrapping paper to dimensions that fit the box.


Place the gift box upside down and bring the end of the wrapping paper to the edge of the box.

Fold the wrapping paper along the box edges to form a crease on all four sides. Once you see where the box folds are, pinch the paper down to define those four lines!


Now your four edges covered, determine if your wrapping paper stops in the middle of your box. In the picture below, you can see the wrapping went past the middle point.


  If your wrapping paper is too long, fold the excess inwards (as done below) to ensure the paper’s edge lands in the centre of the box.


To secure the fold, open it and place a piece of double sided tape on the interior of the fold, then close it again!


Then wrap the paper around the box and using more tape, stick the paper to the box!


Now it’s time to wrap the sides of your box. Start by folding the wrapping paper towards the middle. If the paper connects when folded, you must cut it. You want it to look like this when folded. You see the space between each fold below.


Then, fold the flaps and tape them!

*Apply the tape behind the flap if you don’t want it to be visible.


A tip to get similar folds on each end is to measure the height of your box.


Use the height measurement, starting where the box ends, to determine where you should cut the paper! Fold the side flaps and tape them.


Your box is now wrapped!



A gift isn’t a gift without a ribbon! Start by laying the ribbon flat on the bottom of your box.


Tie the ribbon at the top, leave approx. 1/3 of the ribbon length on one side and 2/3 of the length on the other side!


Now, run the long end of the ribbon around the box in the other direction.


Loop the ribbon under the middle tie and pull it out. Now it’s time to tie your bow!


For a special touch, fold the ribbon ends in two and cut it in an upward angle, exactly as illustrated below!


That cut creates an upside down V shape ribbon edge. Now, you are done!

Extra wrapping tips


Uneven boxes: When wrapping a box that is uneven like the one below, make sure to fill the box with packaging. Also, apply tape directly on the wrapping paper where the boxes corners will rest! This avoids tears due to sharp corners and allows for a tighter wrapping!


Tape: A trick Sean recommended is: no loops, only logs! In other words, to properly tape a box, make sure to roll your tape into a tight flat roll (the tape to the left), don’t make a tape loop (tape to the right)!


Special Touch: Sometimes the smallest detail can make a world of a difference. Try adding little ornaments to your gift ribbons, it gives it a classy touch!


I decided to apply my new learned techniques at home. It’s  not perfect but I was very happy with the result!

Some of these supplies come from The Papery!


If you have wrapping questions I didn’t address or are in need of quality wrapping supplies, The Papery is a perfect place to go!


A special thank you to Katherine for coordinating this special store visit and to Sean for these awesome gift wrapping tips!


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