Week 59 – Cut your own Christmas Tree!

Do you get a real Christmas Tree every year? I, for one, never had! I bought two artificial trees a few years ago and figured that’s that! For unforeseen circumstances I had to part with one of those trees, trust me you don’t want to know, and was faced with the same debate:


Should you get a real tree or an artificial tree?!


You have very diverse opinions on the matter, however, I found this Ottawa citizen article “In favour of real Christmas Trees” published in 2014 really convincing. Real tree it is in that case!


Week #59 Challenge: Cut your own Christmas Tree at Briggs Tree Farm


This is so exciting! At Briggs Trees you get to select and cut the exact tree you will take home with you.




A huge thank you to Liz and Robin for the warm greeting and for generously donating this beautiful tree in support of my blog!


What do you need to cut the tree?


  • You can bring your own saw and sled however some are available on site
  • Outdoor gloves and footwear are a must (it can get, oh and it was, muddy)
  • A tarp to protect your car
  • Twine is available free of charge to tie the tree to the car


What type of tree to get?


There are so many to choose from, you can be sure you will find a tree with the perfect height and look on this 100 acre lot! I wasn’t too sure what specie to get. A type of Spruce, Balsam fir or Scotch pine?!


White Spruce: Has strong twigs which hold ornaments well and is quite symmetrical which helps achieve a beautifully decorated tree! Must be watered regularly to avoid the loss of needles.

Norway Spruce: Is a great choice only when cut fresh and well watered, to avoid loss of needles.

Balsam Fir: Have a tall and narrow pyramid like shape! They keep their needles well and can be left standing indoor for quite some time.

Scotch Pine: The most popular Christmas Tree, has an excellent survival rate. It loses very few needles which is useful indoors.


Your Tree Selection


Knowing the approximate height you are looking for is key! 6 feet is an average height but there are no rules. At Briggs Trees, while raising an arm, I was measured with a tall ruler as a point of reference to help identify the tree height to look for. Trees are priced by height starting at $25 to a maximum of $55.


We ended up selecting a White Spruce, at least I think, that measures 7 feet! It’s bigger than I anticipated but what a statement it makes and nothing could possibly beat the scent


What else is there to see and do?





I was a bit rushed for time since we took forever to pick the tree, ok maybe I took forever!! That’s what happens when given too many options ha ha.. We did drop in the gift shop to see Liz and to have a look at the gifts and decorations they sell.



I couldn’t help but get a little something… isn’t this bag the cutest?! It’s hand drawn, I Love it!!


Where is Briggs Tree Farm Located?


It’s located in Navan, ON (east end) at 4075 Rockdale Rd.

From November 12th to December 23rd, it’s open every day from 8:00am to 4:30pm


Now is a perfect time to visit Briggs Trees! I am positive you will love your experience.


Side note: When you visit, make sure to say hi to the owners Liz and Robin. They are so kind and always happy to help!


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  • Claire

    Nice choice Is. Your tree is beautiful. The nice part is, you will have the nice smell until the end of the season. I did not know there were that many choices of trees to pick from.

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