Fun little fact, it’s the eve of my birthday and not just any birthday… I am turning 30! It’s slightly scary and let me tell you I got so nervous when I realized that I was soon entering a different age bracket in surveys – 30 to 34 and I’ve seen 30 to 39 ahhh!!! I ended up munching on a whole lot of candy that night! Funny thing is, life found a way to change that perspective entirely.


What made me change my mind? This shift in thinking is the result of 3 recent events:


1) A few months ago, I almost lost my best friend.. It was hours of waiting in the ICU that felt like years and the disbelief that she may no longer be part of my life was unbearable!


2) The Las Vegas Shooting is another, feeling devastated for all those who lost their lives and those who were injured during that horrible event!


3) Even more recently, a fellow childhood acquaintance tragically lost his life!


These traumatic events and so many others make one thing clear, life is so precious and every year you get to celebrate is a joy and a blessing in itself! Why be embarrassed that you are turning older? It just means you get to cherish so many more memories and I wish that for you and all those you love as well xo


Now, what new activity could I tie into this?! Well, how about donating blood? It’s so important to do so, you can save a life! There is no better gift 🙂


Week #52 challenge: Schedule your blood donation


So today, I booked my appointment. Are you ready to book yours? Book Now

Yes, I am incredibly scared of needles and losing blood but it can’t be worst than a tattoo, right?!

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  • Julie Ménard

    Well said my lovely friend! Love you and Happy Birthday!

  • Mel

    You have a wonderful way of looking at life 🙂 and are an amazing and inspiring young woman. Cheers Is.

    • prettymesmerizing

      Aww Mel, that’s such a nice thing to say! I feel very lucky to have you in my life xo

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