Is online dating actually a good idea? I keep hearing that it’s the way to go these days! Many couples have met through the use of online dating websites including family, friends and colleagues. So after being fully disconnected from that world for a while, I decided a few weeks ago to give it another try! I jumped right back in… It’s that moment where you choose, even though you are dreading it, to take a chance and see what is out there! As expected, they have been interesting weeks to say the least! I tried following all the recommended steps before following through:


Step 1: Ask yourself what it is you are really looking for;


Step 2: Take the time to write a description you feel represents who you are and what you expect in a partner/lover whatever the case may be;


Step 3: Gather a few recent and, ideally, flattering pictures;


Step 4: Pick a meaningful username and opt for a catchy headline;


Step 5: Select the site(s) you want to sign up to.


Check, check, check, check, check and…. next thing you know I was chatting away. Like with anything, you start off using the site reasonably. I would go on every few days, which quickly turned into once every day and eventually I noticed myself spending way too much time online with the hope that maybe the next message will come from my prince charming! A girl can dream, right?! Well needless to say, this online approach was starting to feel consuming and I needed out! So as luck will have it, I tried logging in one day and it looked as though my account was deleted. I was so confused and concerned that someone hacked it! The mystery remains, I just know that for some unknown reason my account no longer exists! I felt a little guilty vanishing without a trace but at the same time, I took it as a sign of life! lol


Prior to the disappearance of my account, I did get to meet one great guy! When it comes to meeting someone, I think safety should come first! You never know who you are dealing with, virtual reality isn’t always accurate! Hence why I prefer trying coffee/drinks as a first date option. But having a ton of Starbucks encounters can quickly become less appealing, so why not pick a restaurant/coffee shop you have never tried to keep things interesting?!


Week #51: Visit The Flying Banzini Restaurant!



Why did I suggest this location?  I was looking for a restaurant that serves both drinks and hot beverages and, most importantly, they sell bite-sized cheesecake! How cute is that? They are also known for their roast meat sandwiches.


Location: The restaurant is easy to access from the 417, in Wellington Village: 1242 Wellington Street West.


It was a nice little restaurant and let’s not forget that having great company helped make this place more enjoyable! Since I couldn’t make up my mind on which cheesecake to try, we ended up trying two flavors each! One was a cherry cheesecake, the other an Oreo cheesecake! They tasted great and also were a perfect sample size, even though I didn’t completely finish them!


The Flying Banzini is a great date night location for anyone, whether it’s the first time you meet someone or you are just looking to try something new with your long term significant other!


If, unlike me, you haven’t yet been catapulted out of the online dating world don’t worry if you feel it’s not for you! I think giving things a try is a wonderful thing but if it doesn’t feel right there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with taking a break or trying other avenues… I should confess that I remain active on one other dating app which means hope is not yet lost 😉

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