If there is one thing Ottawa does really well, it’s hold Festivals! They are offered all year round and touch on so many topics from art, to history to culinary themes and so on! One festival type I have never dared venture into are festivals relating to alcohol and yet Ottawa hosts so many including: the Beerfest, Oktoberfest, Wine and Food festival…you get the draft.. I mean drift! Ha ha… ok, yes I know poor attempt at a play on words! But all that was about to change…

Week #50: Visit the Winter BrewFest aka Festibière!


What is Festibière? It’s an event held in February which is meant to launch the beer season! Microbreweries from across Québec gather at this festival to sell 4 oz and 8 oz samples. This is accompanied by live music, a casual indoor environment as well as outdoor activities including snow tubing and roasting marshmallows above fire pits!


When is Festibière held? It’s held typically twice a year! Once in February, the second is in June!


What is the cost? The access price varies based on the type of pass you purchase! They offer early bird specials, so buying your ticket early is best for your budget! I was last minute this time and bought my ticket on the day of, at which point they were practically sold out might I add, and it came up to around $30 for the bracelet!


Once there, you can make your way to kiosks to add money to your wristband! That is what you use to purchase food, beer, wine and/or cider samples! To give you an idea, with $20 on my wristband I was able to buy:

– 2 x 4 oz ciders

– 2 x 4 oz beers

– 1 large marshmallow

– 1 poutine


Full disclaimer: I am not a fan of poutine (yes I know, not very Canadian of me) so I got it for my friends and the second beer sample I offered to a random guy as we were leaving, it always feels nice to share and everyone was happy!


Where does Festibière take place? At the Canadian Museum of History – 100 Rue Laurier, Gatineau! Parking is available at the museum itself or you can opt to park for free on nearby side streets.


Important to remember


When attending this event make sure to monitor your alcohol consumption! You can always identify a designated driver or get a taxi/uber ride. Have fun but do so responsibly!


I captured a picture of someone I met that night, as he was tubing down the hill. He was nice enough to lend me his jacket, as they had no more blankets available to go outside! It was a good reminder that even strangers can demonstrate a lot of kindness, there is nothing wrong with paying it forward either!


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  • Matthew Goucher

    I finally made it to the blog! Still have not got my jacket dry cleaned to treat that smokey smell 😉

    Hope all is well.

    • prettymesmerizing

      Hi Matthew!

      Thanks for coming for a visit and for your sweet gesture! Sorry to hear about your jacket, the smoke scent was indeed potent lol

      I hope you enjoyed the entire night 🙂

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