Are you the type of person who dances every chance you get? Or perhaps the person who wants to dance but isn’t ready to share their moves with the world? I know we aren’t all born dancers, maybe you are not really flexible nor great at following the music’s rhythm! Does this mean you shouldn’t dance? No way! To the contrary, you should be working on those movement skills and I have discovered an incredible way to do it!


Week # 49 Challenge: Try a barre fitness class at the iNSiDE Out STUDiO barre!


Full-disclosure: I was granted free access to the class!



As a child, I danced for 10 years! I was never on the competitive level but I took ballet jazz! I love dance and well.. anything that reminds me of it! That’s why every year I look up dance class options for adults in Ottawa. This trusty google search eventually led me to the iNSiDE Out STUDiO! This studio offers classes that help you sculpt your body through a low impact workout that includes the ballet barre, and don’t let the “low impact” concept fool you, these workouts bring on a fun yet pretty impressive challenge! I thought WOW, I need to try this..


iNSiDE Out Classes


STUDiO barre: Is a classic choice, since it’s a 60 minute class which focuses on sculpting your muscles and burning fat through 4 techniques including: the dance barre, yoga, pilates and strength training.


CORE barre: Is a spin on the STUDio Barre, although the 60 minute workout involves each body part, this class puts an emphasis on developing your core using the barre, mat and other accessories.


EXPRESS barre: Is a slightly higher intensity and shorter version of the classic STUDiO barre class. It may be a 45 minutes condensed class but the benefits are meant to be just as good!


BABY WEARING barre: Is a 60 minute barre classe that is slightly adapted to allow you to carry your little one, using a symmetrical baby carrier. Who says new mothers can’t have a bit of workout fun too?


What To Bring

1- Comfortable attire, nothing too lose!

2- Grip socks, if you don’t have any you can buy STUDiO sticky socks for $11.99 or sparkly Sashi sock for $21.

3- A water bottle

4- Lock to store your things in the lockers

5- Shower gear (towel) – the STUDio provides shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion!



The Inside Out Studio is located in Westboro: 1416 Wellington Street West!



New to the barre studio? If so, the first class is $15 plus taxes or if you really want to explore the classes, you can purchase a month of unlimited class access for $99 plus taxes.

Following your first visit, drop-in classes are $20 plus taxes. You can also purchase class packages starting at $90!


Two of my friends and I attended the 9:45am class on Sunday and let me tell you I learned a few lessons before the class even begun:


1- Avoid doing an intense weight workout the day before

2- Get a decent amount of sleep

3- Give yourself enough time to commute and find parking, and plan on arriving approximately 15 minutes ahead of the class. I arrived only on the nick of time and everyone was very understanding, but still not one of my proudest moments!


And the class begun with Janine, one of the founders who happened to be our instructor, guiding us with stretches on our mats. As we did, I was thinking:  “Ok, this is nice and easy” but then we gradually got into targeting various body parts, mainly the core, and it got more and more challenging… It also involved a whole lot of squeezing, and she eventually said and I quote:


“If you don’t squeeze it, nobody else will!”…


I thought that was priceless, and quite true! Janine is excellent at what she does, she manages to keep you motivated the entire time, makes suggestions to ensure you benefit as much as possible from each movement and also maintains your interest by switching the movements and accessories frequently!


Working out can be exciting and truly enjoyable when done properly and, based on my experience, I can tell you that this studio clearly knows how to do it right!


I want to take a moment to thank Janine for offering this wonderful experience free of charge and look forward to returning for another class! Perhaps you care to join me?!

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  • Rachelle

    I agree with you Isabelle! If you love to dance, just do it! I took ballet-jazz and tap dance classes when I was young but as I got older I love my “Zumba” exercise classes because an hour of workout feels like just a few minutes of fun!!! The important thing at my age (almost 59) is to keep moving and have fun!!!!

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