Do you miss the sunshine? The warm weather? The ability to walk out the house with flip flops? Yup, me too!! Winter is great, and has lots of advantages but sometimes you just want a little break and this week’s activity hit the spot! This may not appeal to you boys off the bat but if you are curious keep reading since the services apply to you too!


Week # 48: Get a pedicure at Daya Spa!



Why did I bother getting a pedicure in the middle of winter? Well why not?! We can easily neglect our feet, especially during the off season (aka winter months) and so getting a treatment to make them look and feel good is always a great plan!


How to choose a nail treatment location? Ottawa has tons of affordable nail salons but most of these are not exactly the ideal setting. Many nail salons smell of strong chemicals and don’t appear to have the most sanitary environment nor tools. I have tried those express salons in the past with no issue but I can’t help but think I am taking unnecessary risks. This time I wanted to go the more natural route and looked for a Spa that offered organic treatments, which lead me to…


Daya Spa: It’s a wellness centre that offers high quality organic and natural spa services and products. Which includes:



– Skin care (éminence, Elapsa and Juice beauty)

– Hands and Feet (SpaRitual and Allpresan)

– Makeup (Juice Beauty)



I chose the Slow Beauty Pedicure which included a foot soak, a foot grooming with a sugar scrub massage treatment, followed by a leg and foot massage and nail polish application. I chose the SpaRitual polish in the Cream Symmetry colour.


I was excited to get this treatment done and I found it really relaxing. Camille was the esthetician who offered my treatment and she was fantastic! I felt really comfortable with her and we ended up chatting quite a bit!


Cost: The prices are very comparable to any spa but you end up getting much better value due to the organic nature of the services. The Slow Beauty Pedicure was $62.35 (plus taxes and tip), if you wish to have a quicker and slightly less expensive option you can opt for their express pedicure.


Time and Location: the spa is open every day, except Mondays, and is located in the ottawa market: 200 Dalhousie Street! For more details, follow this link.


By visiting the Daya Spa, you can feel good knowing that you are offering yourself the healthiest and best quality service, and that is afterall what you deserve!

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  • Julie Menard

    I get a pedicure all year round!!!

    • prettymesmerizing

      Wow… I need to learn from you, my poor feet are being neglected lol It’s such a great idea to treat yourself to them! We should go together sometime 😉

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