Yay to snow!! It’s so pretty to look at, it’s chilly which makes us want to cuddle, it allows you to make Maple Syrup Snow Taffy and it’s one of the main ingredients necessary to enjoy most winter activities! In Ottawa we are blessed with plenty of snow in the winter and so we might as well enjoy it, right?!


It was a cold Saturday but my friend and I weren’t going to let a little thing like freezing weather stop us… We were going to be our though Canadian selves and head to the Gatineau park to walk along a few trails, but of course it wasn’t your typical type of walking.


Week # 47 Challenge: Go snowshoeing in Gatineau park!



Do you need your own snowshoes?

No not at all! If you own a pair you are set but, if not, you can rent snowshoes at the Gatineau Park Visitor Centre for 9$ per hour.


How do I gain park access?

In order to snowshoe, whether you have your own pair or are renting a pair, there is a park access fee of 7.50$ for the day! You can also purchase a season pass if you go frequently. Not sure how closely they monitor the park access, I must admit.


What to wear?

Hmm.. well I am no expert but I suggest layers, lots and lots of layers. A tank top, with a long sleeve top, with a hoodie and maybe a second hoodie… You get the idea! Of course, you don’t want to overheat either! A warm coat, snow pants (I didn’t wear mine and my legs felt incredibly frozen), hat, mittens, scarf and comfortable walking boots. I know men are equipped “with internal heaters” which is why you may not need quite so much on.


Gatineau park has lots of trails, but since we parked near the Gatineau Park Visitor Centre we walked to a nearby bridge and took a path from there. Walking with snowshoes was not difficult but felt different, I was tempted to elevate my legs a bit more than normal with every step. It was beautiful and peaceful and a great way to catch up with a friend.


Post Snowshoeing

After an hour we were both a little cold, well ok I was reallllyyy cold, and we brought back the rental shoes. The best way to end an activity like that is with a warm drink so we headed to the Equator Organic Coffee Shop in Westboro for hot drinks and lunch! It was fairly busy, lots of University students in fact. It’s worth a visit, the best part is that the roastery is based in Almonte. High five to supporting local businesses!

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