Week 46 – Playing hard to beat!

It’s almost been a full year of blogging and I have important news to share therefore keep reading!


When it comes to life, we all get a bit discouraged sometimes. Even though you may try your best, the result you want or anticipate isn’t always the outcome. In those instances you may start to look at the world in a negative light, almost as though life is working against you! It’s so tempting to fall in this trap of negative thoughts.. but I am here to tell you to pay attention to the positives. I am a pretty upbeat person myself, I try to appreciate the little things! But once in a while I get those days where I feel DOOMED (not dramatic right?!).. heck I think we all do. Well, I am here to remind you to keep your head high and push yourself to focus on what you accomplish/ have rather than what you wish you had! Appreciating the present moment is so important and can actually be hard during certain life phases. But I know you can do this!


Which brings me to the first news: my one year blogging anniversary is coming up and I have made an executive decision! On the one year mark, towards the end of February, I will….


… Stop blogging on a weekly basis.


Why? As much as I love it, I want to spend more time living, less time documenting. I still plan on trying new activities of course and so I will simply write from time to time. In the meantime, it’s back to business!



Wether you are competitive or not, there is something to be said about trying your best to succeed or to offer a good performance in whatever situation life throws at you! In certain contexts, I like to put on a poker face and pretend I am fully confident in my abilities by challenging someone else! I even find this attitude, even though it’s more playful than anything, can improve your performance! To clarify, I am not encouraging you to go up to someone and say you are better than them but more that it could be fun to tease a little and tell your opponent that they have something to worry about!


Week #46 Challenge: Rekindle with an old sport!


You see, this week I got a few opportunities to show off “my skills”(I can’t think of a way to make this sound less suggestive), one of which took place on a court! This one on one action session was a great reminder of how fun it can be to attempt to beat someone else at something.. anything!


First off, this will be hard to believe but I practised playing basketball! That’s right, this girl played a sport. I hadn’t played since High School but I was really interested in learning again.. and turns out we have a gymnasium at Movati! Who knew?! It was such a blast and even though I did indeed lose, my performance actually wasn’t that bad! Granted I went easy on my opponent 😛


Second news, I am hosting another Giveaway, yay!!!


Prize: 2 x 1 Day Adult Passes to go tubing at Edelweiss!


I realise snow tubing isn’t a sport but it is one of the most entertaining and laugh enducing winter activities, in my opinion. There is nothing quite like sliding down a snow hill, while you spin on a donut shaped tube and try to hold on to your friends/partners hand! Sigh.. such great memories. I want to offer you and someone else the chance to go tubing at Edelweiss for FREE!! You can create your own memories!


How can I win?  Simply let me know in the comments below, on Facebook or on twitter what new activity you want to try this year. Skydiving maybe?!


Draw will be held on February 3rd, 2017 – Good luck!!

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  • Claire

    Good for you. Blogging must be very time consuming and to do it weekly must be hard. Enjoy living and having fun, you are young, unattached and one day you will wish for these moments. You have the right formula…try different things.

    • prettymesmerizing

      Aww… thanks for the encouragement 🙂 I feel very lucky for the opportunity I have and also for the fact that I am surrounded with such amazing family and friends! xox

  • Cory

    Glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the writing process overall Isabelle, keep following your passions!

    As for something new I’d like to do, I’m very keen to travel and explore France and other areas of Europe. Backpacking and adventuring might not be in the cards until after my thesis is complete, but it’s definitely on my to-do list!

    • prettymesmerizing

      Thanks Cory, I really have 🙂

      With all the hard work put into completing your thesis, it seems only natural that you should allow yourself to go on such an exciting adventure! I am positive it will be an incredible experience 😀

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