When another year ends, you get to reflect back on what the last year has brought you! The great memories and the not so great ones too.. Even though you may not have reached all your goals or aren’t exactly where you hoped you would be by the end of the year, one thing you can control is how to end it!! To ensure my year ends on a good note, I did something I never thought I would do…


Week #45 Challenge: Eat dessert for breakfast, at Cocoa 70!


Tough challenge I know, but someone had to do it and I sacrificed myself for the purpose of this blog! My little cousin, suggested we go together since she said the dark chocolate fondue is really good and a perfect size to share! So I picked her up on the morning of December 31st and we headed to the Byward Market!


Cocoa 70 is not a chocolate shop, it’s more of a chocolate restaurant! Their menu includes chocolate covered crêpes, cheesecake, waffles, sweet pizzas, fondue and basically anything chocolate covered your heart could desire! Good news is these treats are actually really affordable, considering the portions! They offer brunches with more traditional breakfast options too, in case you aren’t ready to tackle on chocolate in the morning!


Location please?

In Ottawa we are lucky since we have two locations, the Byward Market and in Landsdowne!


We reached Cocoa 70 shortly after 10am and it was surprisingly quiet! We were expecting a large crowd so we were relieved. Once seated, we ordered the dark chocolate fondue, but I was curious to know what the chocolate percentage was! The waiter, who I suspect was the manager, explained it was 60% but he told us to wait a second since he wanted us to try something! He came back with samples of the darkest chocolate and lightest milk chocolate they sell. This way we could see the contrast… I had never done that before and my cousin and I actually preferred the dark!



Next thing you know our plate arrived.. The chocolate fondue comes with a bowl filled with melted chocolate, 4 assorted fruit bowls (bananas, strawberries, pineapple, etc.), waffle bites (hidden behind the melted chocolate sadly) and brownie bites!


It was so good and actually very filling. We didn’t want to waste a bite so we took our time and managed to eat the entire thing, although we still had chocolate left! Those waffles though.. I could have eaten them all without adding the chocolate even!


I may have ended my year on a sweet note, but there is nothing wrong with you starting off your New Year doing the same! It’s also a perfect date night spot therefor make sure to stop by next time you get a chocolate craving!!

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