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Let’s say you are not feeling well.. on the verge of a cold or a flu, what do you take to prevent the illness? Vitamin C? Orange juice? Tea? We all have our own preferred remedies but what if I said there is a very simple and healthy way to alleviate almost any discomfort, would you be interested?


Week # 37 Challenge – Explore the world of doTERRA Essential Oils!


I was never very familiar with essential oils, if I don’t feel well I typically use a drop or two of Oregano oil (Not a squirt as this is strong stuff) and I let the properties kill all the bacteria. That is about the extent of my knowledge which is why when Nutritionist and Wellness Coach Ingrid Sarfeld invited me to test the doTERRA oils for a few weeks, I was very much interested.


Ingrid holds free presentations that explain the benefits of doTERRA essential oils. I was really surprised to see how many uses can come from various blends of oils. You can actually use oils three ways:


1- Aromatically: by adding as little as one drop of oil in a diffuser you can feel stimulated, focused or calmed.

2- Topically: by massaging these oils directly on yourself or someone else.

3- Internally: by adding drops to your food, water or directly in your mouth! Note that only some doTERRA oils may be taken internally!


Why choose doTERRA essential oils?


  • Product Quality: For one, this company’s oils are sourced and 3rd party tested to ensure the highest quality and purity possible. Since essential oils are an investment it’s only normal that you would opt for the oils that are of doTERRA quality;
  • Effective: They are highly concentrated formulas which means a little drop can really go a long way;
  • Ethical: By cultivating and creating partnerships and empowering small-scale growers, distilleries and impoverished nations.


Where do I start? What oils do I need or want?


That’s the tricky part, doTERRA offers such a large array of essential oils with so many different properties and benefits that it may feel a bit overwhelming at first! They do sell kits and offer promotions for those who want a good sample of their tops selling essential oils!


doTERRA oils come in two categories:


1) Single Essential Oils: which are steam distilled or cold pressed from one ingredient. For example: Grapefruit, Cinnamon Bark, Melaleuca (Tee trea), Black Pepper, White Fir,  etc.


2) Essential Oil blends: which are made of a combination of essential oils. For example: Citrus Bliss, Breathe, On Guard, etc.



Depending on your needs, you may opt for a few specific oils. Here are some examples:


Lavender: is an oil that can help you relax and assist falling asleep! As an example, I added one drop in the diffuser before bed as well as two drops in my bath! Next thing you know, I was sound asleep!


Lemon: is a more uplifting oil! It smells great and has so many uses. For instance, instead on using lemon juice, I just added a drop of lemon oil to my water as it helps boots your metabolism. Also, with it’s disinfectant properties you can use a few drops of the lemon oil in water and use that to clean your counters.


On Guard: is a mix of Wild Orange Peel, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Leaf, and Rosemary Leaf  which is meant to minimize seasonal threats. When my sister wasn’t feeling well, I added a drop of On Guard in a small glass of water for her to drink and diffused the oil in her bedroo


Aside from oils, doTERRA also sells products that contain their essential oils. For instance, an athlete could use the Deep Blue Rub on sore muscles for a sensation of cool and warmth. I applied it on my shoulders and back after I went weight training and it felt really nice.


Looking for Gift Ideas?!


doTERRA essential oils can also make a great gift that you customize to the person you are purchasing for. Make sure to visit Ingrid’s Facebook page here or her website here to enquire about free samples and upcoming presentations and workshops!


Lots of fun holiday workshops will be held in Ottawa in the next months so if you want to make a Mojito sugar scrub, healthy festive room spray, etc. this is a perfect opportunity!

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