Week 37 – Capturing True Beauty!


When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you ever take a moment to really appreciate who you are?

We get so wrapped up in our lives sometimes that we begin to take for granted someone really important, I am talking about you! This week’s activity was a way to embrace who I am and I am writing this post to encourage you to do the same.


Getting professional pictures taken is something people do when they get engaged, married or have a family but what if you don’t? Should that stop you? I certainly don’t think it should. I have wanted to get pictures done for a very long time but never dared to do it…


Why? Well the truth is that I could never meet my own standards. I always had something to improve. If I could just tone my legs a bit more, grow my hair a bit longer, get another laser treatment first and so on and so forth… It was excuse, after excuse.


Why did I finally do it? Well it’s simple, I accepted that loving yourself means appreciating who you are inside and out. My body is recovering from serious neglect and I am furthest from that ideal image that I have ever been, but truth be told I am proud of it anyway! It is getting healthier day by day and that is what is most important…


The idea here is that you should be proud of who you are and I don’t mean tomorrow… I mean right now! Working on improving yourself is very important but try your best to not be so hard on yourself. Some days you may feel great about yourself but on the days you don’t it’s particularly important to focus on who you are on the inside! Positive and kind-hearted people are by far the most precious and beautiful! So when you look in the mirror next time, don’t forget to really look at yourself and appreciate everything that makes you who you are!


Week # 37 Challenge: Model in a Photo Shoot!


Full-disclosure: this photoshoot was generously offered at no cost to promote the importance of self-acceptance message!


Let me talk to you about Paul Sanderson, who as you are about to see is an incredibly talented photographer! When I first decided to look into this whole photo shoot concept I researched various photographers located in Ottawa! I looked at their portfolio before reaching out to them. While I was in contact with one photographer, a colleague asked me why I hadn’t considered Paul! I actually didn’t know Paul which is why she sent me a link to his website. One glance at his pictures and I fell in love with his style.. the romantic and mysterious feel he captures through photography is captivating and exactly what I wanted. Naturally, I reached out to him, mentioned the self-acceptance message I was trying to portray and I was beyond thrilled when without hesitating he was on board and willing to support this project.



What to do in preparation of a photo shoot


1) Meet with the photographer to come up with a concept: share your vision and expectations, if you have any. In my case I wanted a simple and natural outdoor photoshoot near a source of water. I also researched pictures and shared the look I wanted with Paul, and he understood exactly what I was looking for!


2) Pick a date and location: it’s great to have an idea of what type of scenery you want, a studio versus an outdoor session. If outdoors, try to keep track of the weather prior to choosing a date. Paul proposed a Sunday and it turned out to be perfect!


3) Select your outfit: this was challenging. I looked online, asked for help from various friends and spent a lot of time in malls trying for feel inspired. Don’t be afraid to ask for people’s advice, especially your photographer, and try to choose a style that fits you! Needless to say I went for feminin 😉


4) Book any additional appointments: You may want to get your hair cut and styled, or maybe a manicure or even makeup done. If you do, make sure to schedule your appointments early enoughto ensure you have time before the photo shoot. Another colleague of mine, happened to have a makeup artist in his family by the name of Chantal, make sure to check out her Fashion Blog, and went for a more natural makeup look. I was really happy with the end result.


It’s time!


I met with Paul in the early afternoon and traveled across a little forest area. It was a cool day but the sun was keeping us warm.. A good photographer will guide you by suggesting where to stand and how to pose while leaving you with the flexibility of just being natural! That’s exactly what working with Paul was like! Even though you may not know what you are doing try to stay relaxed and just go with the flow..


Without further ado here are some of the pictures Paul Sanderson captured:



If you think you are ready to capture memories on camera, make sure to contact Paul Sanderson to begin your journey!


Isabelle xo


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