Alright guys, I have a confession to make! As a kid, I loved Halloween. So much so that I became one of those people who ended up trick or treating up until 9th grade! I am not kidding, I just kept going and going! We may be a little old to go door to door now but that is not going to stop us from dressing up, right? There is no shame in being young at heart and I encourage you to keep that childhood flame alive!


Week # 36 challenge: Attend a Halloween Event!


What to wear?

That is always the difficult part, isn’t it? You can go for a very simple and traditional costume or you can think of something very elaborate. It’s just a matter of inspiration..


Let’s take last year as an example: I had a family Halloween potluck and, essentially, no time left to come up with a costume! I needed an idea and fast, so I sifted through my things and found my plush Olaf! Aww.. I love that snowman and then suddenly the concept came to me: I can be Olaf’s personal flurry! So I slipped into a little white dress, picked up a battery operated snowklake light string which I enlaced around my entire body, held Olaf real tight and covered us both in sparkles… It was simple but it totally worked. Once you have a creative idea, designing your own costume may be easier than you think!


This year my costume wasn’t so original since I decided to wear one I had purchased in the past but never used. You simply can’t waist a perfectly decent costume! The challenge was that I wasn’t certain how to introduce myself… I kept saying I was a maiden or at times a certain pirate’s girlfriend but nobody knew for sure! Just a pretty mesmerizing lady maybe?!



Although Halloween is quite different from an adult standpoint, I certainly don’t think it’s a bad thing! To the contrary, it brings on a whole lot of benefits! You have the luxury to celebrate any way you want: go out to a club with friends, host a house party, attend a family gathering, borrow a few kids and bring them trick or treating! You have plenty of options.


A couple friend, well I mean… two friends who happen to be a couple (that’s confusing to say) invited me to their Halloween/karaoke house party! I jumped on the opportunity and made sure to bring candy as a precaution since it seemed like the best approach to gain admission to the party! Luckily for me, it worked like a charm.. As with any good party, we quickly got into shooters and well the rest must remain top secret! I will never be able to disclose what happened to Bananas in Pyjamas, Professor Snape, Ken Bone, Cookie Monster and company that night but it was a night to remember! If you didn’t do anything for Halloween this year don’t fret, you have plenty of time to prepare for next year!


For those who like being scared keep in mind you can always do Ottawa’s Haunted Walk from April to November, which means you still have a chance to go this year!

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