Week 32 – When you fall under a spell..

I don’t typically open up about my dating life, but this week my new activity was directly linked to dating. Hope you enjoy trying to put the puzzle pieces together to figure out how everything unraveled… Before I get into that, let’s talk about: Apples. This fruit is often associated to temptation because it is portrayed as such in fairytales.. Since I am a huge fan of mystical tails, it’s not surprising that I sometimes lust over this fruit! Each fall, I go apple picking and bake something tasty but this year I chose to spice things up!


Week #32 Challenge: go on a baking date night!



First let me explain, aside from keeping active baking happens to be my #1 hobby.. I love it! If I want to relax, it’s the first activity I consider doing! Sometimes I bake with friends but typically I bake alone. To turn a baking night into a date is something I always wanted to try but for some reason never went through with it, that is until last week!

What lead to this date?

You never know how you will meet a potential partner, it could be at work, through a friend, at the pool, online, etc. The options are endless. In this case it all started a few months ago, Princess Belle (aka me) was lost and since Captain Hook (aka my date) was nearby he was the perfect person to ask for help! Yes I know, I have been watching far too many episodes of “Once Upon a Time”! Anyhow, back to the story. Hook gladly offered to assist Belle and they went on their way! They continued crossing each other’s path on occasion and since fairy tale characters are unpredictable they decided against all odds to date. Since I had freshly picked apples at home, I figured that including Captain Hook in a baking adventure would be a fun idea. I mean who wouldn’t want to bake with Captain Hook?!


Disclosure: I don’t think I would recommend this as a first date idea, especially if you met online, but baking or cooking with someone is a great way to see how you work together!


It turned out to be a really fun date since you are able to talk openly, share the workload, learn and laugh together and, at the end, you get to taste your amazing creation! Next time you are looking for a date idea, maybe you should make baking your focus…Worst case scenario, if you manage to destroy your creation you can just laugh about it over a store bought dessert, Metro sells pretty decent tasting pies ha ha..



For this amazing recipe: select here!


So did Belle agree to another date? Well I can’t say for sure but with baking skills like those, how could she not..

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    Another great adventure, Is. What a great idea 🙂 As always, this was a joy to read. M&M

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