Figuring out what to try on this week wasn’t too challenging as I received an invitation from a friend to go out! A girls night so to speak. Where did we go you ask? A place I had heard of many times but had never visited: Crazy Horse Restaurant, Steakhouse and Saloon. I must disclose that I am not really a country girl. By that I don’t mean to say I don’t enjoy the countryside, quite to the contrary I would love to own and even live in a cottage by a lake, but rather that I am not a fan of the country lifestyle and music. Regardless, I had to try it.


Week #3 Challenge (March 7th to 13th): Attend and survive a night at Crazy Horse.




What did I think of this saloon?

Well first off, it was pretty far in my opinion. I live in the East end so it took me a while to get there. It also meant no drinking, ok well maybe one little drink. I got there first and decided to go to the bar. It was nice as I got to drink my sparkling water while watching the Sens Game. I saw a girl sitting a few seats down and asked her if she was there alone. To my surprise, she said yes. It was interesting chatting with her as it made me feel that I too could do something like that. To be added to my list of future activities I suppose.


My girlfriends got there and we spent a while chatting and drinking which was nice. Once the band started people slowly made their way to the dance floor. It was so busy.. and it just got busier. Although I am positive many enjoy the vibe I have to admit that this type of “going out” is not for me. I like dancing, but not to country tunes. Also, I just felt like the crowd was either too young, too old or too creepy. I am happy I went but I don’t think it will become a staple location for me. To each their own I suppose…


IMPORTANT MENTION: the staff was beyond kind and accommodating. To the point where I didn’t get charged for my bottled water twice… I was really surprised and grateful.

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