Do you enjoy spending a rainy afternoon drinking a warm cup of coffee, wearing reading socks (oh yes there is such a thing, I own a pair lol) and reading a fantastic book? Ok yes, I know that we don’t all have the patience nor the time to delve into novels but please hear me out! For those of you brave enough to explore the world of books, I have a perfect activity for you!



First I must admit, I haven’t spent much time reading any hard copy books in the last few years BUT I do know that it is an excellent hobby since it can:

– help you visualize and develop your creative side;

– teach you new words and expand your vocabulary;

– increase your knowledge on any topic known to men;

– be a form of relaxation and much more.


Now keeping these benefits in mind, when a colleague approached me a few months ago about joining a Book Club I decided that it was worth giving it a chance!


Week #30 Challenge: Attend and join a Book Club!


I realize, I didn’t actually seek out a Book Club since in a way it sort of found me! Nonetheless, if you take a moment and research online, meetups are great for this, or ask your surroundings, you will certainly be able to find a Book Club that would interest you. I can’t attest to the format used by every Club but I will use my experience as a guideline to what Book Clubs are like!


Book Selection Process

Since the Club I joined was created years ago, the structure is well established. A few weeks before the meeting, a book poll is held. Members can nominate books and 4 or 5 of the nominations will be retained. The votes will be made at the end of the upcoming meeting!


Book Club Dining

To create a certain atmosphere, a few different restaurant options corresponding to the theme of the book will be proposed and members must vote for which one they would prefer. Since the book in question was set in Paris, the restaurant we ended up choosing was : Savoy Brasserie in Westboro! Beautiful restaurant but what is up with all the flies?


Book Club Review

Once every book clubber arrived, the Book Club Chair (that’s right we take things very seriously ha ha) proceeds by asking everyone for their thoughts on the book! The book was entitled : The little Paris Bookshop.. A story about a book apothecary who owns a floating bookshop. He navigates the Seine prescribing the perfect book to solve peoples life struggles! He has the gift to help everyone but himself… The book seemed promising; however, the majority of clubbers admitted that the book content was simply disappointing!


Following the book review and discussion, we proceeded by rating the book (5 out ot 10) and voted for the next book, out of the 5 books previously nominated by email! The Winner being: When breath becomes air.. The fun element of Book Clubs is that it allows you to discover books you may never have considered reading and that may result in finding a few hidden treasures!



Not the social type? Not to worry! There is a heavenly place called Chapters! I can easily spend hours roaming their book selections, home decor, stationery supplies, etc. If you have a free afternoon, I recommend you find the nearest chapters to pick-up a few books that interest you. Afterwards, go read your new purchases in a cozy place such as: a bench by the Ottawa River, a coffee shop terrace or even on your sofa! Last time I visited I purchased a little vegan cook book you might have heard of: Oh She Glows Every Day, a dating book for a bit of light reading and pink reading socks… Just because!


Would you prefer reading “en français”? Voici une option pour toi, Le coin du livre Bookstore on Cyrville has a great selection of French books and, if the book you desire is not in store, they are happy to order it for you!


Have fun reading everyone!

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