Sometimes the most peaceful of activities can be the most enjoyable! If you have an eye for photography or have an appreciation for beautiful scenery this is a perfect activity for you! I have been missing this event for the last few years but  I was dead set on going this year.


Week # 28 Challenge: Get a glimpse of the Hot Air Balloon Festival!


When to go:

The Gatineau Hot Ait Balloon Festival is a 5 day event that typically occurs during the first weekend of September!


What to see:

The festival’s main attraction are of course watching and/or riding hot air balloons but this is merely one element. There are performances, fireworks, amusement park, arts and crafts, car show and much more.


How to access:

One day passes are 27$ a person while multi-day passes start at 70$.
I was indecisive about whether to go to the festival itself or to choose a more quiet and scenic location to watch the hot air balloons! This second options consisted of walking along the Ottawa River path. My friend and I opted for the river walk since we felt less rushed that way. So it’s set, on Friday at 6pm we head there and as we arrive we see people awaiting the rise of the balloons! We find a spot and we wait… and wait.. and wait!! Why haven’t they risen?! Well just our luck, the balloons are cancelled tonight!

It was such a let down! I enjoyed the company I had but I took the night off from work to see the hot air balloons! Luckily for me, I have an amazing sister who went on the Sunday evening and captured this pictures for me:



Oh but I wasn’t ready to consider myself defeated, no way.. Come Monday evening I had planned on cleaning my house but found out the festival was on for one more night! So at 6pm I grabbed my keys, stopped by my local Starbucks for a coffee (a decaf of course as I am wild but not THAT wild lol) and headed to the river! Guys it’s sooo worth it! I saw a few people riding bikes and walking along the path but with the sunset, the water and hot air balloons decorating the sky, it was an awesome place to be! The balloons appear tiny in the pictures but the view was breathtaking:



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  • Claire Paquette

    Next time you watch balloons at the festival, bring binoculars. You can see all the details of the balloons and admire the workmanship of the details. They are a work of art.
    Bravo on your Blog, very entertaining and informative…

    • prettymesmerizing

      Aww… Merci beaucoup tante Claire!

      I appreciate the tip 🙂 Now I just need to find a pair!

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