Once in a while, we all need a bit of time off from work right? Last week was mine! I am not sure why but it feels like the entire week just passed me by! I suppose that’s what happens when you are having fun!


Now, to all home owners out there you may be able to relate when I say a house is a lot of work! Whenever you attempt to build, fix or modify anything you have absolutely zero experience with, it can be really intimidating. Before my house was even built, I knew I wanted my Ensuite to have wainscoting or wall paneling! It adds so much class. Being a women who has always loved woodworking I figured: “What the heck, I can do this myself!” I started googling and asking Home Depot experts for guidance. When taking on a project like this, you need to figure out:


  • the tools you require;
  • the type and quantity of material to use;
  • the proper measurements;
  • your budget and deadline, if you can.


Finishing this wainscoting project was the main goal of my vacation week because I started this project an embarrassingly long time ago!

Week #24 Challenge: complete a renovation project!



To complete this project I required the following equipment:

– framing square;

– measuring tape;

– pencil;

– miter saw;

– miter saw blades for cutting moulding;

– caulking gun;

– No more nails glue;

– nail gun (battery operated in my case);

– caulking;

– wood filler;

– white paint of your choice;

– paint brush;

– 5x chair rail wood moulding (oak);

– 9x decorative frame wood mounding (pine).


Now this whole thing was really a question of trial and error!! Believe it or not, at first I was convinced by someone at Lowes to buy a hand saw to cut my moulding pieces! Ha ha… WHAT A JOKE!! Good luck trying to cut any proper angle with that… Especially wood as hard as oak! I ran out the next week and bought a miter saw.. You can always rent one if you prefer.


Prepping the work is what becomes most time consuming! You need to identify the height of your chair rail, the average distance between your wall panels and the shape as well. As a standard rule, chair rail should be between 32″ and 36″ from the ground! As for the panel boxes, it’s best to maintain an even distance between the exterior of each panel! For example, your box should be 3 inches away from the floor moulding, the chair rail as well as the wall or box panels on either side. Online resources are extremely useful when you reach road blocks. It’s not easy learning new skills but it is extremely rewarding! You may even find yourself using the new knowledge and experience in many other contexts.


When done properly, your wall panelling should look a little something like this:



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  • Mel F

    Wow, Isabelle! It adds a depth & richness to the room – very professional.

    • prettymesmerizing

      That’s so nice of you Mel! Thank you, I am glad you like it.. It’s a cool feeling knowing I did this on my own! I guess we really are capable of anything 😉

  • Faye

    Wow, looks great! nice work 😉

  • Dad

    Hey Is! The before and after shots tell the story. Great looking job! You should be proud. No doubt, this adds value to your house. As you mention, learning new skills is very rewarding in itself. It also takes guts to tackle a project of that nature, especially one that involves power tools. Excellent travail!!!

    Dad xo

    • prettymesmerizing

      Cute! Merci Dad 🙂 I must have inherited the talent from someone “wink wink” xo

  • Benamar

    wonderful. good job Isabelle!!!

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