Are you a libra? Or do you know someone with that zodiac sign?

If so, you may have noticed certain particularities. For one, libras are perfectly balanced in every way! Ha ha…ok perhaps not but we strive for that! A characteristic we really do seem to possess, on the other hand, is the ability to be indecisive! We tend to over analyze and consider the pros and cons of even the most basic of decisions.. A 5 minute grocery store errand can easily turn into a 20 minute excursion. It doesn’t mean of course that we don’t know what we want, but when we aren’t certain it can take a while to decide! Last week, my indecisiveness manifested itself within my challenge because my choice was going to affect a very precious thing: my hair!


In a way our hair is our best accessory. A new colour and fun haircut can totally boost your self-confidence. Unfortunately, should the hair experiment turn out “not as expected” you have no choice but to deal with the consequences! I have had my share of BAD haircuts. When attempting to go blonde a few years ago, the bleach formula caused a serious chemical burn and loss of hair… Very painful! With my last haircut, when thinning my hair the hairdresser accidentally picked up the wrong scissors and chopped off a thick random piece of hair. I am still paying for that mistake. Luckily my hair being thick hides imperfections like that!! These situations make you think twice before choosing a hairdresser but since I needed a haircut this decision turned out to be my inspiration for this week’s challenge.


Week #23 Challenge: Try a new hair salon in Ottawa, in this case Chatters!


I remember going to hair salons so many times and seeing girls come out with amazing looking hair and thought…I want that! A style I have been dying to try is ombre or balayage! What’s stopping me? The fact that my hair has been dyed dark brown for years! Still, I made an appointment to consult on the matter.


How to choose where to go?

That was of course a challenge in itself! Who can I trust not to butcher my hair?! Well I did research and compared various salon portfolios. I ended up choosing Chatters located at TrainYards. A girl I met over a year ago recommended that place and she had beautiful hair! I called and my appointment was booked for the next morning!


Hair consultation result: A tip is to bring pictures of what you want at your appointment. I showed the hairstylist what I had in mind and she was really honest about the fact that this style would be a process rather than a one time session! It’s really important to know what you are getting into in terms of cost and time as you may be disappointed otherwise! I haven’t decided whether to proceed with it or not, I am a libra remember, but I am very tempted..

How did my hair cut turn out?

The hairdresser I had, who happens to be in a hair competition right now, was amazing! She was friendly, very knowledgeable and talented! She didn’t rush anything and did a wonderful job doing exactly what I wanted! I left the salon with beautiful, shinny, flowy and amazingly scented hair!! I loved my experience and I hope you will too!


What about the cost?

The salon treatment costs vary depending on the products, type of hair length and the hairdresser’s experience. Therefore it’s difficult for me to give a price range! I would say the cost was pretty affordable though! That is for a standard wash, cut and style it was just under 50$! Of course that does not include the tip, which was more than deserved!


My new hair! You may not see a big difference but I certainly feel it..


Now, all I have to decide is whether to go back for the colour treatment or not! Would any of you try it?

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  • fayefaline

    Nice new hairdo! I went to Chatters at Trainyards a few years ago and really liked my stylist. Andre was her name.

  • Dad

    Yes, Is…I know that you’re a Libra and that hair styling is a very personal topic. I remember taking you to a hairdresser when you were a pre-teen and it was what I would call an “epic fail”. As for you question with regards to hair colouring…if you feel like going for it…like the Nike slogan says…”Just do it”! 🙂 xo

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