It’s funny how on some weeks my blog post topics just correspond perfectly with my life lessons! Last week, the lesson being: How to deal with being attacked!


First attack, I have been fighting a never ending virus and, due to many factors, found it hard recovering.


Second attack, was emotional. Getting to know someone new can be exciting and inspiring! You get exposed to the persons qualities, values and get a glimpse into how they perceive life. In this initial phase of building a relationship, wether it be friendship or romantic, most individuals try to put their best foot forward. As you get to know the other person, you build trust and share pieces of yourself including joys and struggles. Doing so can leave you feeling quite vulnerable and if you entrust this information in the wrong hands, this can come back to bite you! When the confidential information you shared is used against you to make you question your worth and integrity, it is a direct attack on your person! It’s an awful feeling and this is when your self-love and trust becomes your best defence mechanism. You may listen to what is being said about you but don’t let it doubt for one moment the beautiful person that you are! A lot of times, this attack reflects in no way what you have said or done! To the contrary, it’s a projection of other peoples pain and insecurities! How to react to this type of attack?


It’s simple: Fight back with love and compassion! 



It’s not always easy but stay true to who YOU are! Wish the person happiness and expulse them out of your life. If you are lucky, they may even do that work for you. Look at this revelation as a gift, do you really want someone who is hurtful in your life? Ha ha I think not!


Speaking of defending yourself, while visiting the Diefenbunker Museum in Carp this week, our country was under attack and me and a group of 15 friends were stuck in a lock down situation! Which is the third and final attack I was referring to in the beginning.


Week #20 Challenge: Escape from the Diefenbunker!



Now this is no ordinary escape room game! Instead of being locked in one room, you are exploring multiple rooms in the Diefenbunker museum. I can’t go into much detail here of course, but if you are looking for a thrilling and challenging cold war inspired group activity this is it!


In case you aren’t familiar with it, the Diefenbunker is actually an underground facility that was built in 1959 during the cold war. In response to potential nuclear threats, the Prime Minister at the time, John Diefenbaker, requested that this location be built to protect 535 key government and military personnel from a nuclear attack for up to 30 days! Now that this site has been decommissioned, it serves as a museum.


What is an escape room?

It’s a game! You are ‘locked’ in a building with a group and placed in a scenario. Your main task is to find a way to escape. You may do so by completing a series of tasks and solving puzzles which will ultimately lead to your group’s escape, or as I like to call it: Victory!!


Where can I play?

Escape rooms are available throughout the city. such as:


How many can play?

The participant count will vary based on the room. The Diefenbunker Escape Challenge can accommodate 12 to 18 players.


I should mention, the Diefenbunker Escape Room is extremely popular and is booked long ahead of time! Regardless, if you want your chance at proving the world you are clever enough to escape, go reserve your spot here!


What’s that? You are wondering if we made it out! Sadly we came to a sudden death at the end and found out we still had enough steps left! The good news, because of the game setup, you can try again at a later date and perhaps that time it will lead to sweet victory!!

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  • Carla

    Great post, Isabelle! And great advice on dealing with others negative emotions!

  • Mel

    You put things so very beautifully Isabelle. – I love reading your blog. Thanks for being the inspiring woman you are. Have a lovely weekend!

    • prettymesmerizing

      Mel you are so sweet!! I am so happy to hear that and thank you for the kind words! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend as well 😉

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