Week 20 (Part 2) – Aim is the name of the game!

Most of us, I think, grew up watching Robin Hood movies! Our beloved Robin always looking out for the poor and using his skills for the greater good. As you may recall, his weapon of choice being a bow and arrow. Imagine if you could be Robin for a day and have your chance at shooting a bow without the risk of getting fatally injured! You would jump on the opportunity, right? Well lucky for you Ottawa has a perfect location for initiating and developing your archery skills and I have the inside scoop:


Week #20 – Part 2: Shoot a bow and arrow at Archery Games!

Please Note: This week’s activity was free of charge for me thanks to Archery Games!


What are Archery Games?

It’s a location where you can meet with your friends to play a set of tag games with bows and foam-tipped arrows. Many compare it to playing dodgeball with arrows.

Who can play?

Players must be 10 years and older. You can reserve private sessions for groups of 20 or more.


How much does it cost?

The cost is 24$ a person + Hst. For private sessions of groups of 20 or more, the cost is 400$ + Hst per hour (which equals to approximately a $5 discount per person!)


Where is it located?

1860 Bank Street, Unit #3B


How do I prepare?


You will be taught everything you need know the day of. In terms of attire, wear something breathable similar to what you would wear for a workout at the gym, including indoor sneakers. However, here are two important tips:


1) If at all possible, choose a long sleeve top. Yes you will sweat more but it will prevent getting bruised on your arms from firing the bows. Most of my friends had shorts sleeves and their arms got bruised quite a bit! They called these their badges of honour ha ha…


2) If you really want to be strategic, wear all black. It’s much more difficult to spot than colourful outfits. Trust me it works 😉


I contacted Brian, the Archery Games Owner, and he helped me coordinate an Archery Game Event with 20 of my friends. This business really strives at making participants feel comfortable and welcomed.


The day of:


Arrive 15 minutes before your game begins! You will have time to pay, sign the waiver and gather your friends. The archery game sessions lasts 75 minutes!



First 25 minutes: are dedicated to instructing you how to use the bow and arrow! Including do’s and dont’s. I was running around during the instructions trying to figure a few things out and missed the number one rule! NEVER fire your bow when empty! Which is exactly what I did when I walked inside the game court.. The instructor was very subtle in reminding everyone not to do this! The SHAME… I am positive that reminder was geared at me and realized I should have been more attentive when listening to the rules. All and all make sure you pay close attention when instructions are provided!


50 minutes of archery tag on the game court: The archery game instructor guides you through the rules for each game, monitors the time and ensures a smooth progression from one game to the next. Hints and tips are also shared during the games to improve your experience! Our group was pretty competitive and everyone really impressed me with their skills! Here is a short video I captured:



The entire group loved every minute of Archery tag! To make things even better, we brought fruit and a cake to celebrate the birthday of a very dear friend of mine! There are plenty of tables and benches on which to sit and mingle after the game which was great for everyone to catch up! In honour of my friend’s birthday, he was offered an Archery Games T-shirt that looked really good! Next Friday night, instead of a movie try Archery Tag instead.

You won’t believe how fun it is until you try it!

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  • Dad

    Hey Is! Looks really cool and a lot fun! Reminds me of the movie “The Hunger Games”…except that no one looses an eye…or worse. Liked the video. Good idea to give your readers tips on what to wear.

    Dad xo

    • prettymesmerizing

      It was super fun! Aside from the minor bruising, which nobody really complained about, it was just like a good workout 🙂

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