I don’t know about you but if there is one thing I can’t get enough of, it’s Laughter!!  It really seems to help us disconnect from the world and, in general, alleviates stress. If you are in need of a dose of it, to either boost your mood and/or simply have a good time, then I absolutely recommend attending a comedy club.


Week 1 challenge was successfully completed when I went to Absolute Comedy. My friend reserved our spots ahead of time, it is highly recommended since the shows do sell-out. I had a great experience there, the comedians were entertaining, the menu had a good selection of beverages and food and the atmosphere was casual which was nice. The best part of course being that I laughed until my cheeks hurt which is always a good thing! Overall I had a great experience and I honestly believe you will too.


Now, I do realise this post is overdue. I have yet to implement a steady blog writing routine but I will get there. Week two has already come and gone but it’s never to late to share accomplishments right?


Week #2 Challenge: Attend a Skyrobics class at Skyzone.


Do you like being active? More specifically, do you like jumping around? Well in that case, Skyzone is for you. This is a trampoline gym that offers all kinds of jumping classes. I purchased a 10 session Skyrobics class package and   was quite excited to try it. The only limits I noticed is that you must reserve your spot early in advance as they fill up really quickly unfortunately and also that you must buy their socks in order to access the trampolines. No Sky socks = no jumping. Not a big deal but it was not clear until I got there.


I attended my first class on Wednesday March 2nd and to be honest, I LOVED IT!! It was so much fun! An instructor guides you through the entire class by demonstrating different jump stunts. Although he is guiding the class, you can choose to go at the pace you are most comfortable. All participants have their own trampoline and at times you travel from one trampoline to another. It was challenging since the exercises work your legs quite a bit and really force you to maintain your balance. The music playing was excellent and really helped motivate you. I can’t wait for the next classes. You should join me 😉

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